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How to wear a pleated skirt to a wedding?

A wedding is an excellent opportunity to express our fashion sense. Perhaps this is why deciding what to wear to a wedding ceremony has become too complicated. While many women prefer to wear heavier gowns, others choose to wear something more casual, such as a pleated skirt. But when the question comes to wear a pleated skirt many women are confused about how to combine this outfits? 

There are several ways to wear a pleated skirt to a wedding. For example, one can pair a pleated skirt with a blazer, a halter neck silk shirt, an oversized turtleneck sweater, a white crop top, lace top or an oversized coat.

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If you can coordinate your skirt with the perfect color combination and the latest fashion trends, you will undoubtedly look stunning during the wedding. In this article, I will discuss how one can wear a pleated skirt to a wedding. Besides, the readers will learn other tips and tricks along with some FAQs. So, let’s start.

What Is a Pleated Skirt?

A pleated skirt is a form of costume that features vertical folds/creases. People often know these creases as pleats. That is why these outfits are well-known as Pleated Skirts. One may imagine she needs to make pleats when wearing this skirt. No, the outfitter produces these pleats permanently by folding and sewing the cloth. There are wide varieties among Pleated Skirts, such as accordion pleats, sunray pleats, knife pleats, and so on.

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  • Accordion pleats provide volume to skirts by using tight pleating in which the material is evenly folded throughout. Near the hem, the pleats form a zig-zag pattern. Sunburst pleats and fan pleats are two more names for accordion pleats.
  • Sunray-pleated skirts feature several thin pleats that eventually broaden at the bottom. Therefore, they provide a voluminous and flaring shape.
  • A box-pleated skirt features a few large pleats that run the length of the garment.
  • Knife pleats skirts have tightly pressed pleating, in which all of the creases remain twisted in the same direction, and each pleat is generally three layers deep.

How to choose the appropriate pleated skirts for a wedding

Selecting pleated skirt according to body type

Selecting the proper pleated skirt is crucial for both healthy and thin women. If you are healthy, try to choose a skirt that will give a slimming look to your body. In contrast, if you are thin enough, try to choose a skirt that offers enough volume. Here I have provided some tricks according to body shape types. Let’s explore:

  • Stitch down pleats for bigger belly: Stitch down pleats lay flatter than other types of pleated skirts. So, stitch-down creases might be attractive if you have a bigger tummy as they give a slimming effect.
  • pleats for bigger bellyImage Source

  • Accordion pleats for hourglass figure: If you have an hourglass body shape, you are one of the lucky 8 percent of women in the world who have such body shape. The shoulder and hips stay symmetrical in this body type, resulting in a delineated waist. Since accordion-pleated skirts have lengthy, vertical creases throughout the skirt, they are an excellent choice for accentuating the defined waist.
  • Tuck in the top: One of the most enticing features of a pleated skirt is that it draws attention to the waist, creating a slimmer appearance. Tuck in further enhance the transition. So, whether you’re wearing a shirt or a blouse, always remember to tuck them into the pleated skirt.
  • Pick a higher hemline for shorter legs: Shorter legs generally offer the midsection a healthy appearance. Therefore, it’s better to consider a skirt with a higher hemline.

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    How to wear a pleated skirt to a wedding?

    In this section, I am going to provide some models that one can follow at a wedding:

    • Bright pleated skirts with plain top: While some pleated skirts come in nude colors, some have light and bright colors. If you have decided to wear a bright-colored pleated skirt, pick a plain top or pleated skirt. It will retain focus on the skirt, giving you a precise, elegant look.
    • pleated skirts with plain topImage source

    • For instance, one can pair a plain white or light pink top or t-shirt with a voluminous glossy pink pleated skirt. Similarly, you can choose a white t-shirt with a flared net bright purple/dark red/blue pleated skirt. Don’t forget to make a high ponytail and a bold necklace.
    • Monochromatic look: The monochromatic look also gives an elegant look at weddings. One can wear a black blouse or top with a black pleated skirt. Throw an oversized sweater to break the monopoly of black. Make sure to wear a belt and high heels.
    • Off-the-shoulder topImage Source

    • Off-the-shoulder top: If you need to attend a wedding at night, pair an off-the-shoulder top/blouse with a long skirt. For additional warmth, hang a cardigan like a shawl.
    • Play with lace top: For a polished look, pair a lace top with a midi pleated skirt. Choose light hues like light blue, lavender, and baby pink and match a lace top with a darker pleated skirt like maroon, green, or dark purple. One can also coordinate the colors between lace and skirt.


    What tops go with pleated skirts?

    One can pair any top with a pleated skirt. But fashion lies in the proper combination between tops and skirts. In this regard, one can consider Cami Tops, Feminine Tops, Tank Tops, Statement Tops, etc.

    How to look skinny in a pleated skirt?

    If you have a larger and broader bottom, wear a pleated skirt that provides little volume, such as Knife pleated skirt. Knife pleated skirts will serve as a contour to diminish the larger form of the lower bottom through less volume.

    Final verdict

    Many people want to wear pleated skirts at weddings but don’t know how to wear pleated skirts properly. Pleated skirts can be a lucrative outfit for weddings. But some people lack of knowledge doesn’t know how to wear pleated skirts properly at the wedding. One can create thousands of versatile looks by choosing different styles of pleated skirts based on their body shape and the proper combination of blouses or tops. The article has gone through how one can create such an elegant yet versatile outlook to nail the wedding program. I hope the readers will find the article beneficial and informative.