How to wear pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are very feminine, super trendy and the trend in design skirts of the moment.

Short or long, smooth or printed, I will show you some examples of how to wear pleated skirts so you can cheer up and incorporate it into your wardrobe. Not to be missed!

wear pleated skirts

Black pleated skirt

The black pleated skirt looks very fashionable and is very easy to combine, whether short or long can encourage you to combine strong and bold colors, neon lips or extravagant shoes.

Short pleated skirt

The short and smooth pleated skirt is very easy to combine as well and even more so if it is neutral color like in this case, a soft gray tone.

short pleated skirt

Neutral colors are better combined with prints in various colors or strong solid colors instead of using other neutral colors, to give life to the outfit, although if you prefer a more formal option, try black.

Striped pleated skirt

Stripes are very trendy lately, and you can be encouraged to wear a striped pleated skirt.

You must accompany it with a top or plain top shirt or something that is not so striking so that the look is not so loaded.

Short pleated leather skirt

As I have told you on other occasion’s leather is the latest trend, and a leather pleated skirt can look great and gives you the freedom to combine it with whatever you want.

short pleated leather skirt

I love this outfit with the lapel of the shirt also in leather!

Printed pleated skirt

The prints are great and they look great in short skirts. I love all the combination that actress Ashley Madekwe chose on this occasion.

printed pleated skirt

The light pink hue of this pleated printed skirt is respected in the shirt and in the excellent sandals. Meanwhile, red lips give a very nice extra touch, do not you think?

Colored pleated skirt

Another option is the long pleated skirt in a single color. The good thing about this skirt is that it allows you to be the center of attention of all the attire by having strong colors that attract attention like green, or it can be mustard or a red one.

Pack it with a neutral color top, belt and you’ll look very fashionable!

Combined pleated skirt

I loved the outfit of actress and singer Jennifer Hudson this time!

combined pleated skirt

The short and smooth pleated skirt in two colors looks very good and fun. I liked how she combined it with a simple white shirt but added the necklace to give it the touch that was missing.

Pleated skirt with cut

The long skirts are very sophisticated and elegant, and even more if they are pleated. The latest trend is the cuts in the skirt. I love this salmon color that allows you to combine it with a variety of colors and patterns.