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How to wear a scarf with a hoodie?

Few people think combining a scarf with a hoodie is a weird fashion idea. One of my friends gave me the idea first. I am in love with this combination after that.

It might look a bit weird if not appropriately carried. But wearing a scarf with a hoodie becomes necessary when it comes to the chilly wind that won’t cease. At least, I feel that it helps to keep myself warmer.

I once suggested it to my younger sister. But according to her, It only adds excessive bulk to the area around the neck and shoulders. I can’t entirely agree with her.

wear scarf with hoodie
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Some people also have the mindset of my sister. For them, I want to say that it will not feel heavy if you apply some tips and tricks.

How to wear a scarf with a hoodie? I will now share a few fantastic ideas to help you out.

Tricks to wear a scarf with a hoodie

Many women will answer a scarf if we ask them about their favorite accessories. The scarf is not only necessary for cold days, but it can also make you aesthetically beautiful.

It is vital to choose the right scarf, whether it is for daily use or occasionally. Here are a few ways to wear them:

Thin scarves with a fitted hoodie

I always loved the fashion of a fitted hoodie over an oversized one. Usually, thin scarves go pretty well with a fitted hoodie.

Let me tell you the way to style. It will give you an excellent shape. Also, you will not look overdressed by it.

First, put on your hoodie and close the zipper up to the neck. Choose a satin or silk scarf because these kinds of scarves are usually thin. After that, make a loop on one side and wrap the scarf over your neck.

Insert the scarf’s hanging ends inside the loop, then put up the hood. A bonus tip for you is to flatter the rear portion so it won’t be cumbersome around your neck if you wear an infinity scarf.

black hoodie with scarf
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Black hoodie with scarf

I can not describe how much I like the combination of a black hoodie, a printed scarf, and a pair of grey sneakers. Usually, a black hoodie looks incredibly stylish when paired up with a scarf during off-duty. However, my best friend wants to pair up with white canvas shoes.

Shape a square scarf into a triangle

Just fold a silk square scarf in half to form a triangle. The triangle should now be positioned, so its point is downward and around your neck. You can carry this style in hangouts with friends or simply as a casual outfit.

square scarf with hoodie
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Neck scarf style with statement skirt and hoodie

No matter what the season is, statement skirts are always in fashion. I was never a skirt person unless I tried a pretty statement skirt gifted by my aunt last Christmas eve. You can wear a top with a statement skirt in summer.

But in fall or winter, you can style it with a hoodie and neck scarf. You should drape the scarf over your neck with one end longer than the other. Make two loops with the long end over your neck.

neck scarf with skirt and hoodie
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An asymmetrical half knot should be made with the ends. Pair with studded boots to get more appreciation from your friends and loved ones.

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1. How to wear a hoodie with a blanket scarf?

Well, it depends on your personal choice. But I can give you a tip. If the length of your scarf is short, tuck it inside your hoodie, so it looks more classy.

Then again, it can be your choice not to tuck inside. If you fold it in half lengthwise before draping it around your neck, it will be simpler to tie.

2. Is it necessary for a scarf to be long?

There aren’t many specific guidelines for a fashionable scarf, generally speaking. Numerous individuals choose scarves in various lengths, designs, colors, prints, and materials to see how they will go with multiple outfits. But a longer scarf always allows you to try out more styles.

3. Can I pair up a hoodie with a bulky scarf?

Of course, you can. It will be better to wear bulky scarves outside of the hoodie. This technique will help you to avoid excessive fabric underneath the hood.

4. What color of the scarf should be appropriate for daily use?

Generally, neutral colors like ash, being, sand, white, etc., go well with every outfit. You can choose black as well.

5. Is it essential to look into scarf materials while buying?

Yes, it is crucial as many things depend on the fabric or material of a scarf. Some fabrics can cause you to sweat more and even be allergic to your body. It is always best to buy 100% cotton or chiffon scarves.

Silk scarves are also pretty good to buy as the fabric is lightweight and breathable. Moreover, silk fabric is long-lasting.

6. Can I wear a scarf with a hoodie regularly?

Well, it depends on you. I feel it is better to style in your comfort. It becomes mandatory to wear a scarf with a hoodie in comparatively colder countries to protect your neck and sometimes ears from winds.


Hoodies and scarves are two items that never go out of the trend. People of all ages can also wear these without any hesitation. Sometimes you wear them just for styling purposes, and sometimes these become the ultimate necessity.

But it would be best if you never forgot that style or fashion is all about what makes you comfortable. I have seen people wearing a fitted hoodie being uncomfortable. You must not select an under-fitted or a fitted one, whereas an oversized one gives you confidence and comfort.

Scarves have many variations, and people have worn scarves with different outfits for ages. There are so many brands nowadays that make luxurious scarves.