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How well you apply makeup in the summer?

No need to wear a sophisticated makeup during the summer holiday period. Just know illuminate your face to get you better value. In addition, during the hot days, makeup too light is not the best taste. Opt for lightweight and not commit any error of taste.

makeup in the summer

The complexion
During the summer, your complexion is tanned. So you can do without the layer of foundation. As for the powder, forget this, unless you go to a party. However, use an illuminator in small touches to sublimate your sunny complexion.

If your complexion is not uniform, the new generation creams (BB cream or CC cream) will help you make it plain while erasing the passage small imperfections.

This summer, the key colors are very flashy makeup: orange, yellow and fuchsia. If you decide to decline these summer tones through your makeup, choose a color that is consistent with that of your clothes.

As for the touch of mascara, have a very light hand, unless you go to a party. The eyeliner or kohl is not mandatory at the beach. In this place, you can settle for a mascara and a pencil line, both should be waterproofs.

Again, the colors are bright. Red and pink are the essential in color.
By cons, to the beach, you can afford a nude glamour style but with a transparent gloss. In all cases, moisturize your lips to get you in tune with the summer sensuality.