Fashion Ideas

Ideas for combining a body following fashion

Combining a body is not as complicated as it may be other items and that is why we can use it for all times of day and night. Just we have to choose your workmanship and fabrics to start thinking about such varied looks that will look through this very special garment.

We know that the body mark tendency and it is shown as a basic garment of the season. Thus, it has also evolved and while emerging as one of the hottest items to mark much our body, it is true that there are some variations so that we all could take them and without turning out to be so tight. Discover your best options!

Combining a body with trousers
One of the best ways we have to combine a body is to add a pair of trousers. Although a priori all we imagine the look, it is true that here we have to be a little careful to not be a complete failure. That is why, in broad terms, we can say that it is always preferable that the trousers a little wider and not tight. This way will be a good balance between the top and bottom.

combining body

Thus, if you have chosen a very tight body, either tie or turtleneck and sleeveless,, we know that our bodies will be greatly tight to it. That is why we give some volume to our shape, nothing like slacks or tweezers, which are always perfect for a semi-formal look. Similarly, to close our attire, you can always wear a jacket or blazer, chosen for the occasion.

To wear during the day and a more casual look, we will help ourselves with the jeans. In this way, we will let the body point or rib is one of our best allies and of course, in basic colors like black or gray. You can always opt for the long sleeve or half sleeve, at the same time you’ll see how the options for necklines are also varied. From neckline to single peak, as the cross with cords or round.

Of course, as a variation, we can say that the body is not always very tight. There are models that have a wide necklines, with draped, that will leave us a little bit of volume in this area. These are perfect to wear with a palazzo pants or either, some a bit more snug.

Body and skirt, a stylish combination
Of course on the other hand, our main star can also be combined with skirts. Here again some doubt, but as we mentioned earlier, it is always better to opt for a gown skirt. A style that fits into the waist, to open slowly and provide a very modern style to the look. You can also help the asymmetrical skirts or those with ruffles.

combining body

Just remember that if you choose a body in basic colors, you can always combine with vibrant colors and even prints in lower garments. For women who have wide hips, it is always better with the flared skirts with discrete color, small prints or plain. Of course, that if you want to enhance this area, then the larger prints, pockets on skirts and more vibrant colors will be your best choice.

To finish each and every one of them, you can choose the coats or ponchos, such as leather or cowboy jackets, when we go a little more casual. The body we like because it does not have fixed rules to be combined and thanks to their different styles, it can provide the elegance or the more casual look.