Fashion Ideas

Ideas to use zebra print

The zebra print is beautiful and fashionable, but sometimes you do not know what looks good. Do not despair, because here shows you the best ideas to incorporate the zebra to your look.

use zebra print

In your swimsuit
If you think the zebra print is very bold for you, you will notice that in the right clothing is very good and not at all flashy. A swimsuit with zebra print is perfect, because it is black and white, but with a daring touch.

In a dress
A zebra garment is also correct. In this case, you see a cocktail dress, classic cut, fitted at the waist and with a belt as accessory. You can also find cute tops or pants totally zebra.

On Your Shoes
The zebra print gives you that dramatic touch to your outfit if only you use in your shoes. Not only zebra heels are beautiful, we have seen the shoes, ballerinas, and boots.

In a coat
A zebra coat is simply spectacular. Dare to take it wherever you go and you will captivate all with this pattern. Of course, try to combine it with plain or not so plays to achieve proper clothing.

In a scarf or handkerchief
If something is fashionable is to wear scarves and scarves in all seasons. And what better to find one with zebra print to match with all your clothes.

A scarf of this pattern is very versatile because white and black goes with everything you wear.

Zebra in a bag
Take your zebra print everywhere with a practical bag pattern. You can use it for day to day or find a clutch for special occasions.

The zebra print is easier to use than you thought, right? Cheer up!