Shopping Tips

Keys for shopping

Before your exit, check out your wardrobe, as is formed to your closet, what kind of activities you spend most of your time, e.g. in the office, at home, etc… And see if you have enough clothes for this activity, then goes to the second most frequent activity in your day to day for example, outputs weekends or if you play sports and special notes the clothes that you are missing for less money.

shopping keys

Make a list of the items that you must acquire, to analyze your closet if you are doing identifies lack basic items, these are those that can be combined with many other clothes and start your list with these. Then continue your list of items you need most urgently, either because have a special event or simply give priority to those that can be combined with several clothes you already have.

Define your budget, have a budget limit for purchases is very important because it will keep you apart from waste. If your budget is not very high, you should buy on a priority basis, what you need with urgency. If you are going to buy a costly garment analyzes the number of times that you could use it or for how long will be effective if it is part of the trend of the moment. Remember that it is better to invest in basic garments that endure over time and you have to stop using because it is no longer fashionable.

Planning your shopping route, when you have your list and identify your budget, take a mental tour of the places where you can find the items that you need.

Avoid going to buy clothes when you’re in the middle of a process in which you are losing weight, expecting to get the weight that you want. Do not buy clothes when you feel very tired, you’re not at your best days and you feel low of mood or when you’re hungry.

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