Makeup and Beauty

Keys to feel sexy, attractive and very safe

Being sexy, attractive and safe is a matter of attitude! Few times we have seen women that are not so beautiful but they have something special that make them look very attractive. Below we will share with you some tips to show off, sexy, attractive and very safe at all times.

look attractive

Feel yourself safe:
The beauty starts from inside. When we appreciate who we are and we know what we have to offer the world as beings of light, we reflect much security. The majority of people are very attractive to a woman who demonstrates safe and its value is given. So if you still doubt your inner potential begins to work on this.

Keep a positive attitude:
When you try to stay positive in every situation and make the best of every thing or experience, you stay cheerful; your body and especially your face will reflect that joy, less stress and therefore will look younger and more attractive. Do not forget anything sexier than a beautiful smile!

Watch your body:
Healthy eating, exercise and practice consistently including: yoga, pilates, etc not only make you feel beautiful, with a harmonious, attractive and healthy body, but that shine in your state of mood of positivism and security.

Know, accept your body and make the most profit:
You know very well your body and accept it as it is, try to identify what are those areas that you like and learning how to highlight them and which are the least favorite and learns how to conceal them.

Buy clothes that you feel safe and beautiful:
Never buy a garment but are completely in love with it, if in doubt do not buy better and looking for a little more. When we love what we have since, we usually feel very safe and comfortable. So look good and do not rush.

Learn how to makeup:
Makeup is a very important tool and can definitely make a difference in your image. The key is not to use too much so you look like someone else, makeup should help enhance your features and correct imperfections. In other words highlight your best and not to hide it. Therefore it is important that you identify which is your type of face, and to learn how to get the most out of this to the makeup.