Learn to wear skirts at the waist without worrying

Let your waistline be the protagonist at all times.

wear skirts at the waist

Wear the right underwear
Do not use thongs or threads, these garments occasionally seen marks that make you lose all the style of this garment. It prevents your stomach from being noticed or it looks like a girdle. Try to be your underwear is at the height of your waist not to show those chubby ones that we care about some.

How about the dark colors?
Class, style and an enviable figure will stand out with a short skirt of this color. Besides that this makes you look much thinner, it also helps you to better hide your stomach, so that you will always look regal!

For those of short women
Who says the short girls cannot wear short skirts? If you are of little height do not worry, these skirts will be ideal for you. In addition to shaping your figure, it can also give you a very sexy touch. Be careful! Although miniskirts can be great allies, you should keep in mind that you are not put on weight, that are in the form of a tube and that also have movement.

Look for a skirt that has horizontal lines so you create an optical illusion, no one will notice imperfections that only you know, on the contrary will praise you all the time.

Do not you have a great hip?
For all women there is. A narrow hips are not an impediment to look fabulous in this garment recommended for you are flip flops, its characteristic is that these are not attached to the body, on the contrary these are loose, the wind is its best accomplice, as it gives them movement and make you look stylish.

Wear long shirts
Having a skirt at the waist in your closet does not mean you have to wear it with a small top. There are other alternatives that will also make you look very chic, so the long shirts will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and enviable style.