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Look flawless on your casual friday!

The fashion and clothing should suit different occasions; lifestyle, work environment, which is why, today mention the kind of clothes that you can use to go to your work, without losing elegance and style. Remember that if you dress on Casual Friday, you look flawless and appropriately.

casual friday look

Most companies allow their employees to more dress on Casual Friday, however, we complicate and do not know ourself what clothes to use, today here bring many tips to help you look radiant and comfortable.

When choosing your look, you can choose a blazer, this piece will allow you to create thousands of colors, you can combine it with jeans, dresses and skirts, and blazers are one of the garments that look good for any occasion. Likewise you can choose a striped cardigan or a single tone with a basic blouse underneath; you can also complement your look with a long necklace.

The jeans and pants are comfortable and classic pieces can be used in the day and at night, but to wear a jean in your Casual Friday, it is important that you choose so dark without embellishments, wear or holes.

To combine the jeans and pants, you can choose to wear a collared shirt in a solid color, so you will reflect a serious and comfortable image. Avoid wearing very plunging necklines.

Shoes are one of the key pieces to wear our clothes properly. For every occasion there is a unique and appropriate style, no matter whether they are heeled or flat, in this case, recommend using closed shoes for your “Casual Friday” as booties, loafers and ballerinas; will make you look elegant and sober.

One of the items that is necessary and hat mark the feminine curves are skirt, perfect to wear to the office, has a touch of elegance shapes your figure and make you look stylish. Remember not to use too short.

Bags, wallet and necklaces, are important accessories for the garment you want to look, opt for classic designs, these accessories will add a special glow to your presentation.

And if you want to look immaculate with basic items, you can use white blouse, black pants or pencil skirt style and coat or jacket of dark color. But remember! Your attitude will also make you look radiant, beautiful and fresh.

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