Suit & Tie

Maintain and clean a suit

You do not buy a suit as with jeans or a sweater you buy. And if you want it to stay beautiful for a long time, here are some tips to care.

maintain suit

How to avoid damaging a suit on daily basis

Do not put anything in the pockets. Do not drag your wallet, keys or cell phone in the inside pocket of your suit. This may distort the jacket.

Avoid pulling on the seams of your pants. When you sit for example, raise your pants slightly upwards to the level of the knees. This will not pull the fabric when you bend your legs. For the suit, be sure to unbutton it when you’re sitting down.

Putting suit on a hanger. A suit should be based on a hanger, not on a chair or sofa! This will allow it to find a proper form, especially in the shoulders. The wooden hangers absorb any moisture from suit, unlike plastic. For the pants, the ideal is hanging downwards on a hanger with clips, observing the fold.

Pay attention to stains and odors. For example, avoid spreading the perfume on your suit. It’s your skin that should feel good, not your suit! Run away as far as possible smoky places or those emanating from strong food odors. And, of course, be careful when you eat to it that nothing stains your suit…

Protect when traveling. If you need to transport your suit, you need a protective cover.

Make “turn” your suit. If you have several suits and trousers, wear them alternately. A suit must “breathe” after being one day.