Meet the new urban trend

Start a new season and with it comes the unique urban trend. Inspired by the spirit of the city, its architecture, and textures of materials such as cement and steel, this new proposal for a fashion leads us into the future.

new urban trend

Cool colors are the protagonists: blue, green, gray and taupe. Structured pieces of simple lines and straight cuts. Create modern and minimalist looks. A new style inspired by the metals in which the accessories are the protagonists.

Learn about products you can not fail to be fashionable this season with unique. Do you turn to the urban experience?

Metalic Blizz necklace
This necklace style comes with everything. Steel, bronze and metal, all together! You can find this combination also in bracelets, rings and earrings.

City Color necklace
These colors we mean when we talk about the latest trend. Blue and green stones combined with gold in circular shapes to create a stunning design.

Metallic Blizz bracelets set
In line with necklaces and earrings, the bracelets are not far behind. You can combine several colors or just choose what best stay with your outfit.

Metalic Blizz earrings
What was missing to be in tune with urban trend: earrings. Three colors, always in the line of metals, representing the modern and avant-garde style that seeks to recreate. Wear with other combinations and don’t forget that accessories are essential to complete any outfit.

metalic blizz earrings

You have a few options to adapt to the new unique urban trend. Begins to examine your wardrobe and accompanies your best clothes with these accessories that will make you shine.