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Methods to do hair removal at home

Shaving is one of the most common beauty rituals among women (and currently among many men).

To get rid of hair we can go to some hairdressers that also offer hair removal services or a specialized beauty salon. In these places we will make a perfect hair removal, the problem is that it can involve a significant outlay of money (especially if you have to repeat it periodically) and you have to reserve time to go to do it.

hair removal at home

The good news is that currently there are many options to perform hair removal at home, comfortably, for less money, with a professional result and using the technique that suits you according to your needs.

Hair removal at home

Here we show 7 methods to make hair removal at home, from the best known to the newest.


One of the best known methods of hair removal at home is using depilatory blades. This method has advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage is that it is fast (you can do it for example under the shower) and cheap (you will only have to pay the price of the blades and you can use them several times before disposing them).

The main drawback is that the hair is not pulled but cut, so that after two or three days it will grow again. If passing the blade is your usual method of hair removal, your hair will become stronger, harder and more abundant.

This method is recommended to use it as something exceptional, to get out of a rush or when we are in a hurry. In the market there are multi blades designed for women’s body hair.

Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams are another simple option to perform hair removal in the comfort of our home. The method is to apply the cream in the areas where you want to remove the hair, wait a few minutes and remove.

Like the blades, it is a simple and easy to use method, but it does not pull the hair from the root but cuts it, therefore it has the same inconveniences as these.

In addition, depilatory creams have chemical ingredients in their composition and give off a strong odor. If you do not like the artificial, this is not your method.

Depilatory strips

Another method of hair removal that does pull the hair by the roots is the depilatory strips. This is a cold hair removal using plastic strips impregnated with wax and other components that extract the hair.

The drawbacks are that many strips are needed to complete the hair removal, which takes a long time to do and that means an average investment.

Hot wax

There are homemade hair removal devices that heat and mix depilatory wax. These devices can be single-use or reusable again and again. After heating the wax we will apply it with a spatula on the skin, it will put on top a strip of fabric and pull.

Once you have the device, this method is much cheaper than others that we have listed since the cost of solid wax is very low. The main drawback is that it can be a cumbersome method.

IPL hair removal devices

IPL means “intense pulsed light”. This technique inhibits hair growth of both the body and the face. It is a technology that was used in professional hairdressers and beauty salons and has now been applied to smaller appliances that can be conveniently used at home.

To use it we have to select the color of the skin on the device, using a sensor, and also between the five positions of light energy. The operation consists in passing the device through the areas that are to be treated.

It is a painless procedure and you begin to see the results (less hair growth and finer hairs) after about four sessions. To be effective we must do the treatment once every two weeks, after shaving the skin. After the treatment it is recommended not to expose yourself to the sun.

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Hair removal with sugar

This method is similar to the application of hot wax, but with the advantage that it is a natural, homemade method, which is carried out with ingredients and utensils that we have at home and that we do not need to buy, and that it is a free method of toxic and respectful with the environment.

Here is the recipe to make it in your home. You need:

  • Two spoons sugar
  • One spoonful honey
  • A few drops of lemon

Mix the ingredients to form a paste and heat it between one and two minutes in the microwave. If you want, you can warm it to the water bath and go see the temperature and the bond of the pasta. When the mixture acquires a golden coloration it will be ready.

Remove from heat, let cool about 15 minutes. With clean skin apply the mixture (which will be warm) with a spatula. You can remove it by pulling with your fingers, you do not need strips.

Hair clip

The hair clip is a good option for hair removal at home, especially small areas of the face, armpits and groins. Depending on the amount of hair you have, the time you spend.

The first hairs you remove will hurt a bit but then your skin will get used to it and it will not hurt. The good thing about hair removal with clip is that you remove the root hair and it takes several weeks to grow back.