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Myths of wear flat shoes

There are a variety of shoes available for our costumes, from platforms to heels, sandals or chatita.

Flat shoes are like the chatitas – shoes that despite having variety of designs, usually quite disregarded, and sometimes the concept we have of them as unattractive or super comfortable may be wrong.

wear flat shoes

Today we bring you the myths of flat shoes that you can not miss!

They are little favorable
Clearly, if we compare them with heels, which are attractive and sexy, the chatita or other flat shoes look unflattering and graceless.

But that’s a big myth: the flat shoes are attractive, elegant and there are a variety of designs that can give you a trendy touch to your look. The key is to combine and adapt to every occasion.

They are not elegant
When we think of elegance, always tend to opt for heels. But the truth is that attractive pants, a jumpsuit, maxi skirt or even a short dress can look fabulous with a sweet chatitas or flat shoes.

The key is to choose the appropriate depending on the occasion: the chatitas with pointed tips are best for a more formal style, while the round ones are suitable for a more informal style.

For a short summer dress, strappy sandals are always a good choice.

They are comfortable
It is clear that wear high heels every day is not good for the health of your feet, and it is not very comfortable to walk running from one side to another with tacos.

And while flat shoes allow us to move more easily, does not always guarantee comfort. As in all footwear, depends on the quality of the shoe and the right size.

They are not trendy
Error! Flat shoes are always in fashion. And you can also adapt them to any look. Do not think that are outdated and boring: you can incorporate some nice animal print sandals or a chatitas with glitters to give life to your outfits.

The key is to choose a suitable model for your clothes that will help you look fabulous.

They are not sexy
We start with the fact that the definition of sexy is subjective and not everyone believes that high heels are sexy. While usually give a slimmer, slender and attractive image, flat shoes can also achieve.

First, if you know how to walk in heels you will never see attractive and better feel beautiful, confident and attractive with some nice strappy sandals. Always look for a model that identifies with your style and that you feel good.