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Nine Fashion Tips for Big Bust Women

Knowing our figure and identifying the silhouettes and colors that fit us are the keys to developing the taste and style when it comes to dressing. If you are lucky women with voluptuous breasts, but you have problems when it comes to finding clothes that benefit you, we give you some very easy tips to follow that will help not only highlight this part of your body, but also look beautiful from head to toe.

tips for big bust women

The first step: find a suitable bra
You must find a bra of the appropriate size for both back and cup, to provide support and comfort to your breasts.

Avoid horizontal stripes or prints that are too large and too heavy
This type of stripes or prints will make the upper part of your body look even wider. Choose small prints, or simpler designs that do not take too much attention to your breasts.

Avoid long necklaces
The reason is simple, the long necklaces move too bringing attention to your breasts, and, if you also have a marked neckline, will hide in your bust achieving a little refined effect. Short necklaces and chokers will be your best allies in these cases.

Lycra garments
Being a very thin material that fits completely to the skin, lycra garments will make your bust is marked too much. Your perfect alternatives are fabrics with more body such as cotton, in garments with lines that stylize and give shape to your figure.

Use the V-neck
The V-necks are the best that will highlight your figure. For the day, seeks to ensure that the length of the neckline does not expose the line that divides the breasts. If it is an event at night, you can leave a little more in sight. On the other hand, we advise you to avoid the strapless, and more if they have bootblacks, since it will concentrate too much attention on your breasts. The turtle neck and halter neck are also not the best alternatives for you.

Choose draped garments
The drapes in the area of the abdomen accentuate the waist, a very favorable effect for your figure.

Thick straps
Thick straps give the impression of not bind well to your body, so we recommend avoiding them. The thick for its part, provide greater support giving a more detailed image to your outfit.

Avoid layers
It is important to control the volume of the upper part of your body, so do not use too many garments on clothing in this area. Remember that the secret is to achieve a balance between the top and bottom.

We advise you to choose shirts and blouses that are not too short, as it will make your torso look shorter and therefore, your breasts will stand out more. The suitable length is to the hip.

Straight pants
Looking for that balance, straight pants are a great option for you, as the tubing will make your breasts look more prominent.