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Outfits with Blazer

A blazer is a casual sack has sporty style and has become popular since the 1980s. The blazers are popular for being comfortable, youth, original and versatile since it can completely change the meaning of an outfit.

spring blazer

Spring Blazer
Normally merges the idea of a blazer with a warm garment and that is not always the case. A sample of this style is very light blazer, light-colored and blends perfectly with casual outfits and spring, giving a more elegant touch.

Sailor Blazer
A very common style blazer, to be among the first in fashion, is the sailor style. It is dark blue and often has lines or white details. Having a neutral color, this blazer is ideal for use in casual attire and turns them into something original.

Elegant Blazer
If what you want is to give a more formal touch to a simple outfit, this blazer is perfect. Choose one in neutral tones and with few frills and use it with metallic jewelry and about a simple outfit or even a long dress.

Neon Blazer
Neon colors are very feminine and attractive and it has recently become fashionable. A neon blazer will perfectly over a dress or blouse of neutral or flat colors, will give them life and you’ll see how an outfit that might be flat, stands.

Sequin Blazer
If you are used to going out at night after work and don’t have time to change, with a sequin blazer, glitter or striking fabric will manage to give a whole new twist to your outfit, making a casual day style into something perfect for the night.

formal blazer

Formal Blazer
A blazer can be ideal for formal events without looking too serious or arranged, add a blazer of serious cut of a dark color with some details and combine them with discreet jewelry and you’ll see that you’ll look better than a suit.

Long Blazer
This style of blazer is rare since it is usually used in alternative and more attractive clothing styles. If you want to wear a rock style, a solid color and wide-cut blazer look great on a tight outfit or patterned shirts.

printed blazer

Printed Blazer
Printed blazers are very feminine and will give you a very original style to your look. You may think that this style of blazers are difficult to combine, but the new fashion trends give us free to use clothes of contrasting shapes and colors, so this type of blazers will allow you to have fun with your style.