5 party looks with a black skirt

We love to party, but we like to look even more unforgettable. That’s why we always look for fashions, garments and styles with which we can stand out. However, we cannot always buy a new garment for the occasion. Therefore I will show you these five looks that you can create with a single garment. Get a black skirt and follow me!

black leather skirt

Get a black leather skirt

A black leather skirt can always get you out of trouble on any occasion when you do not know what to wear. You can add a black turtleneck top for a party at night. That way, your whole figure will look stylized and beautiful. You can also wear a white button-down shirt and a blazer.

skirt with splints

A skirt with splints is always the option

Skirts with splints or pleats are indispensable in any girl’s wardrobe. With it we create elegant, but simple outfits. You can get a black ballerina or tulle skirt, both are a good option. A very nice way to combine it is to wear a striped blouse. However, it will also look amazing with a white tank top. Do not forget to combine it with some stilettos.

tulle skirts

Tulle skirts for the most romantic

The tulle skirts are a garment that all girls with romantic style will love. However, these garments only look good at formal events. Therefore, try not to use them during the day or combine them with basic clothes. There are different versions of the tulle skirt, at least get two: one long and the other at knee height. You can combine them with plain blouses, suspenders and shirts; forget the applications or you could see yourself very loaded.

skater skirt

You cannot miss a skater skirt

The skater skirts are ideal for semi-formal events, both in the morning and afternoon. Therefore it is recommended that you have some with slightly marked planks. You can combine it with sweaters, shirts and blouses with applications.

skirts with applications

The skirts with applications are the most beautiful

If you have no idea what to wear for that special event, it is always best to use a black skirt with applications. The different textures, colors, embroidery and cuts will make this piece the protagonist of your outfit. With this you will not have to worry about the other pieces that you use. However, the ideal is to choose a plain blouse not to upload your image.