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Pepto Pink: A color trend that dress up your lips with sensuality

If the pepto pink inexorably attracts attention, it is because of its warm hue. This color is perfect to dress up lips sensually. Because every woman has her preferences, pepto pink comes in several variants. It is thus available in light or dark tones to choose according to the wishes of each.

pepto pink

So be bold and take this color is really the must of the season on lipstick. In addition to being in tune with the trends, you illuminate your look.

A trendy color
Pepto Pink is adopted in the 1980s. It takes its name from a drug used in the United States, the Pepto Bismol – that just has the same color. Far from having the taste for a cure against stomach-ache, your pepto pink lipstick is a real asset to create a look feminine and trendy look to perfection.

Today, the pepto pink is mostly associated with colorblock style. However, each woman will in its own way. And since its appearance rather flashy, it is best to combine it with a clean outfit. With a suit or a white dress, for example, the color does not go unnoticed and accentuate your feminine side.

You will wear the satin version for special occasions, especially for evenings. Bid on a matte pepto pink or dark to compliment your outfits everyday.