Quick and Simple Jewellery Cleaning Tips

Although jewellery is something beautiful to behold, it will inevitably lose a little bit of that magic due to simply needing a good cleaning. By staying on top of your cleaning duties you’ll be able to guarantee your wonderful pieces don’t lose their magic or sparkle no matter how old they are.

Jewellery Cleaning Tips

For those new to cleaning jewellery, it might not be obvious where to start, so in this article we have collected some very simple cleaning tips to get you well on your way to a pristine jewellery collection.

Jewellery cleaning basics

If you’re looking through some of the best engagement rings in Melbourne, you should know that taking care of them is an important part of keeping them looing as beautiful as possible. Perhaps the best place to start is by having a good, close inspection of your jewellery.

A lot of the time cleaning doesn’t occur simple because people aren’t paying close enough attention to their pieces, which is why a close inspection and careful scrutiny will probably shine light on some unclean areas you might not have otherwise spotted. It is generally recommended that this occur once or twice a year.

It doesn’t take long for jewellery to get dirty, after all. And if your pieces are dirty? Although it may seem like a simple approach to something so elegant, giving your jewellery a quick wash can give surprisingly great results.

To get the best results out of washing your jewellery, it is recommend that you combine a gentle dishwashing liquid with warm water and use a soft cloth or brush with bristles to get grime out of all the nooks and crannies. After cleaning, ensure you quickly dry your jewellery as the presence of water over long periods can have very disagreeable effects on the finish.

Tools you can use to help you clean

If you’re finding that there is some evidence of tarnish on your jewellery, you might want to instead use a polishing cloth to restore some of the lost lustre. Generally, silver will tarnish the quickest, so keep an eye on any pieces you have that are silver, but eventually all precious metals will tarnish over time. The polishing cloths available for this job are actually special ones designed specifically for cleaning jewellery, so keep an eye out for these.

Another solution you might try if you have stubborn grime is using an ultrasonic cleaner. These cleaning devices use ultrasound, water and a cleaning solvent to clean items very thoroughly and can be found for very cheap in some instances. They won’t help out with tarnish, however

Oftentimes storage can prevent issues

If you’re finding that you’re regularly needing to clean your jewellery, it may very well be because you’re not storing it adequately. After your latest big clean, make sure you don’t store your jewellery in a humid place if that is where you had been keeping it. This is because humidity is quick to speed up the tarnishing process, so if you live in a naturally humid climate and have an extensive jewellery collection, its likely worth your time to find an alternate storage option.

If this isn’t possible, just make sure you clean your pieces more regularly. Regardless of the climate you live in, forever, you must ensure that your jewellery isn’t exposed to any kind of sources of airflow. Exposure to air will similarly speed up tarnishing and also encourage the development of dust.