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Rock n Roll Fashion: 5 Must-Haves in Every Rocker’s Closet

It’s no secret that rock n roll fashion has shaped the style world.

No matter the generation, it never really goes out of style. There are elements of a rocker wardrobe that you can wear for a lifetime.

Rock n Roll Fashion

From ’70s glam rock to ’90s grunge, there are throughlines with every sort of rock era that you can implement in your style.

Want to add an edge to your wardrobe? Then keep on reading to learn the five must-haves in every rocket’s closet.

1. Get a Kick out of Combat Boots

Combat boots are an absolute staple in a rock n roll wardrobe.

Not only do they add an edginess to an outfit, but they truly go with anything.

Black combat boots work best, but you can get ones with a chunky heel, studs, or even distressed ones for a more grungy vibe.

All in all, combat boots are the perfect and most versatile rocker shoes.

2. Stay Classic with a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are synonymous with rock n roll style.

The best part is, they are extremely withstanding and can last years.

The more they age, the better. You can go for a classic motorcycle style leather jacket, an oversized one, or even add some personality and DIY an old vintage one with studs and paint for an authentic edgy look.

3. Be Bold with a Band Tee

Are you even a rocker if you don’t own a band tee?

Band tees are a staple in rock n roll fashion and are extremely easy to acquire. From thrift shop to mainstream retailers, there are band shirts galore.

Also, if you are a concert-frequenter, the classic merch booth is excellent for one-of-a-kind band shirts. You can also style a band tee with almost anything, from skinny jeans to a plaid skirt, they are incredibly versatile and can add some edge to your outfit.

4. Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

Plaid is an iconic staple in the ’80s British Punk scene, but it’s moved across the pond and into the grunge style that was immortalized by the likes of Kurt Cobain.

Not only is plaid comfy, but it adds a wonderful visual interest to your look. You can find an oversized plaid shirt in most retailers and thrift shops. You can layer it with a band tee and a leather jacket for colder months, or tie it around your waist to add some shape and definition.

You can genuinely rock plaid with anything, and add that grungy aesthetic to your outfit.

5. Statement Jewelry

You can have the basics of rock n roll fashion by implementing the band shirts and plaid, but what about accessories?

Accessories can truly elevate your look. Rocker fashion includes items like hefty chain belts, chokers, and even skull bracelets.

No matter how you want to rock your jewelry, you can wear these pieces with any outfit and genuinely look like a stunner.

The Guide to Rock n Roll Fashion

With these five pieces, you will be ready to enter the pit and rock your heart out.

Rock n roll fashion is truly timeless and can make you feel cool and edgy with minimal effort. Want to learn more about the latest fashion? Then check out our website for more information.