Men's Fashion

Rules for wearing suits

Look stylish costume is as, or more important, than the quality and detail of it. Today we tell you what are the rules to better show off the suit.

wearing suits

There is no pledge to make more masculine and elegant to a man that perfect suit for him. However, the choice of pants, tie, shirt, jacket and accessories does not have to be random at all.

The waist
That is, each and every one of the components of the same must be our number. The pants will be more or less adjusted according to our personal taste, but we must consider that if we have developed muscle legs or thicker be better than the cut is straight. Try not to be too broad, since the elephant foot nothing remains elegant in a suit and not very masculine.

The suit pants for man must be preferably straight waist and with the grate ironed strictly to the center, by both front and back. Although so irremediable crease is preferable to sit slightly pinch the top of the pants on both legs before sitting down in order to avoid creating more wrinkles. As low pants these must always be at the height where to start our heeled shoe. If they are too short run the risk of constantly see the sock, something not very smart, and if they are too long given the feeling that we are long, we will optically more short people.

As for shirt this has to fit the seams with the shape of our body. Therefore, the shoulder seam will be fair to our shoulders height and the same with the one of our wrists. If it costs us to find shirts that fit with our body the best thing we can do is take them to fix. It is better to have a few shirts, but is adapted to our figure, which have many and denote our lack of style. We will choose one regular fit shirt if prefer to hide tummy or slim or if we want to emphasize again our silhouette. Remember that an elastic or too tight shirt denote a lack of essential sobriety when wearing a suit. In regard to the suit we should choose the same way as the shirt. The corners will fit perfectly with our shoulders and wrists. The cut will be straight or adjusted depending on our figure and our tastes. We also note that the neck of the shirt and suit whatever they are fashionable at the moment, not to be too outdated.

Colors and accessories
When choosing the colors of our pants and suit must bear in mind that it is always preferable to be conjoined. The safest option is to be the same shade, to avoid large errors of style. If you want to risk will choose colors that accompany perfectly, but both the shirt as supplements should be more muted tones to not do a mixture too exaggerated color.

For pants and suits with stripes or prints accompany them always complements and plain shirts. We dare greatly with necktie or bow tie if we take a simple outfit with some accessories not too loud. Many men use ties out of the ordinary even in the office, because it is the best way to show your own style without attracting too much attention. Also in the tie well be of various colors such as pastel yellow or pink while not being totally masculine and accepted. As there are ties of different sizes and colors will be very interesting for you to choose the process do you like for your suits. The marine or black blue suit will be the safest option if you do not want to draw too much attention. So, as accompany a shirt in white, sky blue or cream and with accessories in black or dark brown. For the more daring, suits in pastel in summer with a linen cloth are an interesting option and a white suit with shirt and accessories in black will give a hint to the 1920s. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your suit. If the size is perfect you need only worry about the colors and accessories.

A three-piece suit with a vest and pants together with the jacket is stylish and perfect for events such as weddings or label night job opportunities. An original tie or bow tie is perfect to accompany a simple outfit or bicolor shoes. The belt is more fashionable if simple with a not too big and brown or black smooth tone buckle. The details make the suit, so you spend your time properly pick them one by one and will be the man most stylish of any event, whether working in the office, a wedding or an elegant party.