Same or different wedding rings?

Wedding rings are one of the most valuable memories you will have of your union. These jewels reflect the essence of their relationship and, although they are complementary, more and more couples choose different designs. How do you want yours?

wedding rings

There are many ways to express love, they have already experienced it with the delivery of the engagement ring and now with the wedding preparations they will be able to see it many times over. Proof of this is the choice of wedding bands, whose design will completely depend on your personal tastes, as will happen with the wedding dress and the groom’s outfit.

The rings may or may not go with the style of the party, because one thing is how they like the design of the wedding invitations or the decoration of the location and another very different what kind of jewelry they prefer to wear every day.

Traditionally equal rings are used for both. It is classic, elegant and to some extent very romantic, but over the years it has become increasingly popular for couples to choose different designs. At the end of the day the meaning and the value is the same, it is just a matter of both being satisfied and happy. If you haven’t made up your mind about your wedding band design yet, here Dreamland Jewelry provide some ideas to help you.

Eye-catching design for her…

This is not written, however, it is usually a constant that the fiancés to complement the princess cut wedding dress prefer jewelry with more striking gemstones, shapes and designs. If this fits your taste, you can see designs inlaid with diamonds or some other gemstone that has a special meaning for you.

Eye-catching design

This type of detail adds a lot of personality to the ring and even, if you wish, it acquires a more romantic and sophisticated touch without being too ostentatious. In fact, if you want them to be the same, but with a little twist that identifies each one, this is a perfect option for the bride’s wedding ring.

And easier for him

It is not a law either, but usually men’s jewelry is more subtle and simple. If these characteristics fit your preferences, you can opt for a more discreet ring, perhaps with details engraved on the edges so that it is not completely smooth or simply with the legend or date that you decide to record inside.

discreet ring

The lines in the center of the rings give them a very elegant twist, but if you want to be more creative you can ask the jewelry artist that you have selected for several options. It will be a unique piece!

Exactly the same

It is worth choosing the most classic and romantic option: wearing the same wedding rings is very movie-like and that is why it makes them so special. They will undoubtedly find a design that makes them both happy, without the tastes of either being too compromised or, above all, that makes them feel comfortable and identified.

same wedding rings

This is not to say that your rings are going to be boring. You can find a modern design that combines colors and textures, and has a word, phrase, short love thought or very personal message engraved on it, something that only you can decipher. Do you like the idea?

Complementary hoops

A very nice option for rings is to have a complementary design. For example, one can mesh with the other as if they were a perfect team. Another alternative is that each one has half a heart or a very meaningful phrase. In this way, each will have an important part of the other and symbolically they will always accompany each other.

This is an option to wear rings with different designs, but with a personalized touch. A bonus of this idea is that they can replicate the design in their original wedding invitations, since they can have figures that are completed when closing them, even the same ones of their rings, so the symbolic burden is even greater.

Same design, different color

Maybe they want the same design, but 100 percent they don’t have the same tastes, so for you rings made of different materials or metals available in different shades are ideal. For example, gold can be chosen in yellow, white or pink.

Everyone can choose their favorite, the one that goes the best with their skin tone or that matches the engagement ring they already wear, but if they want to combine two, they will also have an incredible and more personalized result. To keep the difference between each ring, just select a different tone as the protagonist.

It is important that they pay special attention to the choice of their wedding rings, as these are jewels that, if they wish, will accompany them forever. And remember, just as you will test the menu, the wedding flower arrangements and the rest of the decoration, take advantage of your ingenuity and play with the meanings of the inlays, textures, shapes, engraving and design in general for your wedding rings.