Second Ear Piercing Pros and Cons: Know Before Piercing Your Ear

Ear piercing has been a popular way of enhancing beauty and expressing style for women for thousands of years. And recently, second ear piercing has become popular as well. It has even gotten popular among men these days. While most people will pierce their ear first in the ear lobe, the second piercing may occur anywhere in the ear.

Although second ear piercing is trending, many people are still concerned. So, many people want to know about second ear piercing pros and cons. They ask, “Is it safe to pierce the second hole in the ear to wear ornaments?”

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Our research shows that it is safe to have a second ear piercing as long as you do it from a good piercing shop or beauty parlor. Also, it helps you express your fashion, look trendy, and be your own. Also, you may fill up the second piercing anytime you want as it isn’t permanent.

The disadvantages of second ear piercing include pain, chances of infection, and inappropriate piercing chances. So, let’s see these pros and cons in detail.

Second Ear Piercing Pros and Cons

Ear piercing is popular to express your fashion and personality with the right ornament. Also, a second piercing in the year makes you look trendy and help you set your style.

Advantages of second ear piercing

Do you want to express yourself? Do you love being fashionable? Or, do you want to set your personality with various ornaments? A second ear piercing could be the perfect solution, whatever may be the reason.

Express yourself

Every ornament you wear gives you a chance to express yourself the way you want. From stone ornaments to diamonds or gold, various ornaments have distinctive styles and appearances. And like other ornaments, earrings truly let you set a different style. Similarly, a second ear piercing is one of the best methods to express yourself.

You can wear different ornaments there as you have two piercings in your ear. For instance, you can keep your lucky stone ornament permanently in one hole. Then, use the second hole to wear earing that matches your outfit. So, you will have the full liberty to choose the ornament that you want to wear in the ear.

A fashion statement

These days, second ear piercing has become a fashion statement. So, with the second piercing, you can keep pace with the trend. In fact, nowadays, many celebrities even have multiple piercings on their ear, and it looks amazing.

For instance, Jennifer Lawrence has around 6 piercings in her left ear. Also, Scarlett Johansson and Bella Hadid have holes throughout their left ear. Then, there’s Emma Stone, who has two piercings on each of her ears.

And trust us, all of them look gorgeous. So, when you have multiple piercings and match them with the right ornament, it sets your fashion statement.

Showing off your sparkle

With the second ear piercing, you can show your sparkle. You can easily pierce your ear from a reputed piercing shop or parlor and choose the way you want to be. You don’t need to worry about what others will think. It just lets you be on your own.

Temporary and safe

Many people are concerned about the safety of the second ear piercing. Thankfully, it is safe as long as you do it from a reliable parlor. These days, professionals will use needles instead of conventional piercing guns for the second piercing.

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As they use the needle for a single piercing only, it reduces the chance of infections. Also, unlike permanent tattoos, a second ear piercing is temporary. So, you can fill up the piercing anytime you want if you don’t like it.

Plus, wearing an ornament in the second piercing is not always necessary. You can keep it empty and continue wearing your favorite ornament in the first piercing hole.

It doesn’t look trashy

Many women think that a second ear piercing will look trashy. They consider it inappropriate and avoid it by any means. However, this trend is changing faster. Nowadays, people don’t consider the second ear piercing trashy at all.

So, no one will poke you for having a second piercing in your ear anymore. You can feel free to have a second ear piercing and be as fashionable as possible.

Disadvantages of second ear piercing

Although second ear piercing is a fashion statement, it associates with a few dangers. However, its cons aren’t as many as its pros are. The main disadvantages of second ear piercing include infection chance, pain, and healing time.

May cause infection

If the piercing isn’t appropriate, it might cause an infection. Also, you need to take care of the pierced part until it heals. If you fail to take proper care of the piercing, it may also cause infections. Thus, you will need to follow the safety tips of the piercing professional.

You should ask the piercing professional to sterilize the needle before use. It will reduce the chances of infection after piercing.

Second piercing can hurt you

Professionals will use a needle to execute the second piercing instead of the traditional piercing gun. It can hurt you badly. When you plan for the second piercing, you need to be aware of the increasing pain. Thankfully, piercing professionals will use medicines to decrease the pain.

Takes a longer time to heal

Second ear piercing can take 4 weeks to 6 weeks to heal fully. It is a pretty long time. You need to be careful during this healing period after the second ear piercing.

You may need to take painkillers to battle the pain for the first few days. Also, you should follow a healthy diet to keep your body fit after the piercing is over.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does your second ear piercing hurt more than the first?

Yes, the second piercing will hurt more than the first piercing on your ear if you do them the same day. So, it is a good idea to perform the second piercing once the first piercing heals fully.

2. Is it better to get one ear pierced or two?

Whether you pierce one ear or two ears, the choice is yours. There’s no concrete answer, and it goes down to your preferences. Ensure that you look good with the piercing, and don’t be worried about what people will say.


As the discussion on second ear piercing pros and cons shows, the pros of the piercing outperform the cons. Thus, you don’t need to worry about having a second ear piercing. It will elevate your style, and you will look gorgeous. The only concern is the chance of infection. You can easily negate it by following the right proper instructions of the piercing professional.