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12 styles of basic shoes for men

Casual, sports, sandals and formal. These are usually the only styles of shoes that most men know. There are very few who know that there is a wide variety of types of men’s shoes on the market.

Many men are unaware that each type of shoe they wear has a specific name. They usually do not know how they are called; they do not know that there are details, some very obvious, that make the difference between one and the other. Many do not know that there are certain rules to properly use each type of footwear.

It is erroneously believed that only women have the obsession of having dozens of pairs of shoes and that men prefer a fair but practical amount, enough to cover all the social situations in which they are involved: work, celebrations, gym, walks and casual outings.

Here are some of the most elementary male shoe names.

oxford shoe

Oxford Shoe

It is originally from Scotland and Ireland and popularized by the students of the University of Oxford around the year 1800. It is the most formal of all the shoes type. But with jeans and suit, they are perfect.

It is ideal for formal meetings, night outs or job interviews.

brogue shoe

Brogue Shoe

Shoes with laces that have a seam and a toe with a wing extended to the whole shoe. It is classic and very elegant. However, it is less formal than Oxford. You can use them with jeans or suits. The typical ones are leather in black and brown tones, but there are more modern variations with other colors and fabrics.

moccasin shoe

Moccasin Shoe

The Moccasins are a comfortable variety elaborated in velvet or suede, with a flexible leather sole, high heel and soft silk lining, which usually include in the upper (front) an elegant and carefully embroidered or a handmade tassel. Initially, the British aristocracy used them as Moccasin to be at home. Now, it is valid to wear them with suit, dress pants and jeans.

The slippers are very comfortable.

derby shoe

Derby Shoe

It is another type of elegant men’s shoes and usually laces.

It is characterized by its seams in the side (where the holes of the ribbons go) that is sewn on the outside towards the front. In addition, its last is wider and open than the Oxford.

It is usually made of natural leather and their most typical colors are black and different coffee tones.

monk shoe

Monk Shoe

Very elegant and without laces. It is characterized by having one or two buckles. It is more formal than moccasins and even more than Oxford. There are shoes to dress elegantly. You can take it with pants or formal suits.

The monk style is distinguished by its buckles.

formal boot

Formal boot

It’s a kind of leather boot without so many details. It is that simplicity in their design that makes them very versatile. The narrow top, unlike another type of boot, stands out within its characteristics. It can be worn with formal pants; it also look great with skinny jeans.

This is a type of footwear that not all men like.

The narrow top differentiates this type of boot.

casual boot

Casual Boot

Perfect for the rainy season or cold days. In these boots, the predominant color is brown in all its shades. Usually, it is made of suede, “tumbled leather” and leather. It’s thick and very marked sole is usually rubber, although it can be of another type of material. It looks perfect with jeans.

The casual boot is ideal for more casual looks.

slip ons shoe

Slip-Ons Shoe

The characteristics of these shoes are the total lack of ribbons (it is replaced by two elastic inserts on the sides), and a solid flat sole without heel.

Modern models can be made of high-tech leather, suede, cloth or fibers.

This type of footwear is usually worn without socks, or with “invisible” socks.

The Slip-Ons can be made of different materials.

tennis shoe

Tennis Shoe

It is very comfortable and never goes out of style. Its use is not exclusive to carry out sports activities; it can also be used for other informal occasions. It is the perfect complement for casual looks. White tennis shoes are fashionable nowadays.

It can show off with jeans, sports pants and shorts. There is infinity of styles and colors.

nautical shoe

Nautical Shoe

It is a type of light and simple shoe ideal for informal occasions. It is characterized by grooved rubber soles. It is closed with ribbons running through the shoe around its perimeter, being visible in sections through metal rivets. It can be leather, but also canvas.

Initially, they were used to practice water sports, hence their anti-slip sole.

loafers shoe

Loafers Shoe

These men’s shoes can be used for any occasion. It is not so formal and elegant, but it always looks good.

It is very versatile; it can be used to go to work, to go for a walk or to have dinner with friends. Some jeans, trousers or a more informal suit without a tie are the sets that most combine with the moccasins. It can be used without socks.

Loafers are often used without socks.

flips flops

Flips Flops

It’s a typical dry season shoe. Despite being an essential summer footwear, it must be combined with great care. There are a too informal complement, therefore (and by logic) it is impossible to use them in the office. There is a great variety of styles.

Flips Flops are ideal for hot days.