Shoe and Boot

Shoes used to attend party

A very common question when trying to complement a party look – is that shoes will wear? Now creating your style will give you some advice to give you on this, when choosing the style of shoes for your next party, taking into account your personal style and the type of party.

style of shoes

If your style is sexy and you love being the center of attention and not go unnoticed; used high heels sandals, stilettos type (slim heel) in bold colors like red or heels closed in bold patterns as the animal. These are perfect to give you the alluring touch to your look and special events or for more casual parties. Do not forget that the sandals are a great choice for day or night parties in summer. (Picture 1,2 and 4)

– The pump shoes are a classic style, are typical heels closed both the back and front, although some are open later (fish mouth type), could result in narrow tip, round or square, and come with or without platform.

We recommend this style of shoes if your outfit is classic and party or event is in a room or enclosed area, such as a wedding night in a hall of ceremonies, hotel, etc. You can choose to bring in neutral or strong colors and intense shades if you want to give prominence to your shoes. (image #3)

– The shoes in metallic tones (gold and silver) are an excellent choice, especially for evening events, the gold can combine it with black, white, beige and generally warm colors (yellow base). The silver goes well with colors like black, dark blue, purple, pink and colors generally in cold tones (blue base) (image #5).

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– The fish mouth styles (peep toes), are a combination of elegant shoes enclosed lounge and casual touch of chic sandals. These shoes are ideal for a formal occasion like a party or some other formal labor outdoor event. Do the colors? … As you want! of course, depends on the dress you’re wearing, but the classics are nude or beige, gray and black, and are also perfect in combinations like black with gold. (Image #5)

– The shoes in black combined with any clothing, so it is important that you have at least one pair in a classic style, which safely you out of troubles on any occasion, you can also opt for combinations as black with flashy prints, which can add a dramatic touch to your look (picture #6).

And finally, remember that although there are a number of options on the market, the most important thing is that your shoes go with your personal style and image you want to project with your full party look; it is also important that you learn to properly combine the hues of your clothes with your shoes, so your image always looks chic and sophisticated.