Fashion Tips

Some tips to help you achieve an elegant look

Use little makeup; combine only two colors in your outfit and walk with elegance are some keys to a very elegant style.

elegant look

If you admire the elegance of some women that overflow, note that you can also achieve this look outside your job or personality. You can have a daily casual style, however you can change it if the situation warrants. Here are some tips to help you succeed without much effort.

Be neat and watch your look: An elegant woman must always have a well-groomed appearance.

Posture: You should avoid sit wrong way or walk hunched forward. Try to always be straight and aligned with the back.

Walk with elegance: Your way of walking is your best introduction. Move only the legs; avoid moving the head, hips or hands.

Gestures: Your facial and bodily gestures must be soft and delicate. If someone is speaking to you it agrees with the head so that it is known that you are listening.
Makeup: Try to make up of neutral form, if you have a style of natural make up, it is much better. Avoid provocative or vulgar.

Style: You should go dressed and made-up according to your age or event that you attend. Clothing should not combine more than three colors to avoid visual overload.