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Some tips to kill off oily skin

Fat is a substance that concerns us greatly in maintaining good general health of the body. Taking care of what we ingest and trying to avoid its excess is one of the objectives pursued by the great majority of us. We know this maxim and control, but there is another type of fat that brings us headache to many of us. This is the oily skin, which cause many disorders that have it. For this reason we want to give some tips to avoid having oily skin.

kill off oily skin

When it comes to delimiting the excess of fat in the skin there are different degrees that we are going to be taken into account. Generally the greater accumulation of fat is found in the so- called T-zone of the face comprising the forehead, nose and chin. When this area is fat and the rest is not called mixed skin. But if fat levels are high in this area and the rest of the face is also known as oily skin, which can be normal or accompanied by dilation of pores and dirt in the same ones.

Maintain a healthy skin is something many of us we propose every day and therefore need to know our skin and its characteristics to act accordingly and thus avoid the problems that this may cause us. To do this we simply have to take into account a number of fundamental rules that range from a correct diet to a series of skin care externally.

Correct feeding

Food is important, since we are what we eat, and therefore it is necessary that we take care of it. To do what we will be eating low fat meats such as poultry. Avoid red meats containing more amounts of fat is essential in preventing oily skin. The same happens with the sweets, which must pass into the background in our diet, especially chocolate.

Alcohol is another enemy when keep skin in perfect condition, and that it is necessary that we avoid. In its defect we must consume fruits and vegetables will give us vitamins that will serve to maintain a skin in perfect condition, as well as fiber that will allow us to remove from our body substances in the waste and toxins that contribute to make our skin is more fat and in worse conditions.

External Care

Another series of care that we must keep in mind to have oily skin go through following a series of external behaviors that will help us to get a better skin. A perfect hygiene of the skin both morning and night will be very useful. Using a soft gel from Skin Care Heaven that cleans excess fat will help us control the levels of it, as well as the use of a suitable cream that prevents the segregation of fat by the skin.

In spite of maintaining a good hygiene it is not necessary to abuse soaps, since it dries the skin, and in response it will secrete more fat. What we must do to balance the levels of fat is to use clay masks, which will help to control sebum secretion. To this it is necessary to add the rest, fundamentally at the time of obtaining an entire balance of the skin. Rest an average of seven hours a day will help us to maintain our skin in perfect conditions.

It is important that we follow these tips if what we want is to look radiant skin and full of health. Just what we will do to get used these habits that we can incorporate into our way of life simply and without even realizing, but will have some great results in the long run.