Women's Fashion

Stripes and polka dots

For several seasons the stripes and polka dots began to set in completely in our outfits’ everyday. Proposals appear every season with these designs that can be used for different tastes and bodies.

stripes for girls

However, to have something dangerous: designs are so intense that, to show well, necessary to take certain steps. For the stripes and polka dots make you look good top, do you think to review how to use them?

Polka dots
For starters, my favorites are the polka-dot shirts. Whether white, red, black or other neutral color, this type of clothing sit well with many women. To look elegant, it is best to combine it with some smooth pledge to not generate an abrupt visual impact.

Pin-up style
Now we go for more, do you dare to polka dot skirts? If you are going to opt for this, suggest that spots are a bit smaller so look discreet and elegant.

It is also a design that looks good in dresses. Give a sensual flair to your look.

For the more timid who are afraid to add it in their sets, I suggest starting with accessories, such as purses and shoes.

If I say “stripes in black and white”, what do you think?

Extract yourself of the head the suit of the prisoners or the animals as the zebra. The stripes, if they are well employed can stylize us.

Used properly, we will see higher and even hide everything that women want to hide. It all depends on how we use them.

Animate and Try it!

How do you use them?
The vertical stripes are ideal for girls who want to stylize their figure. Used in a blazer happen to be quite elegant and shrink back. In shirts, horizontal stripes can highlight the neckline; therefore for a night outfit applies very well.

Instead, the horizontal stripes look great in most small women, provided they do not be so thick. Otherwise, it will create a broadening effect, not very nice.

Stripes on pants
Let’s talk about leggings with stripes. Some are very well, but this is not all.

Try with gripping trousers of medium-high shot with any neutral color shirt. It is very elegant and with a few good blocks, its stylize enough

Finally, suggest you do not try to get all the stripes or polka dots all together in one day. The key to good taste and to combine them properly is trying slowly, always remembering the famous fashion rule “less is more”.