Wedding Fashion

Style rules to be the prettiest girl at a wedding

To be the prettiest girl at a wedding, without dulling the bride of course, you must take into account some style tips that are going to make everyone wants to go out and dance with you. Just pay attention to details and, above all, be yourself forever. Show the world how beautiful you are. These are some of the keys for you to be most elegant and stylish woman in the wedding.

wedding look

Sexy dress but elegant

Dress to attend a wedding should reflect your personality. In addition, deciding between very simple to see cuts or super stylish, a little extravagant to look sexy cuts. The color is super important in the dress. As you know white is prohibited. Moreover, there are many other colors, such as pink, purple and blue denoting a subtle elegance. The prettiest one in a wedding is always distinguished by the color of your dress. Then, look for the color of your dress to bring out all your attributes.

Water with makeup

The makeup at a wedding should be marked but super neat, and colors to match your dress. I recommend looking for some accessories such as false eyelashes, to make your makeup something very special. Balance your look and give prominence to one part of your face: eyes or mouth. The smokey with dark lips is also a good choice if you choose the right makeup tones.


Take advantage of it is a special occasion to make a different hairstyle. I highly recommend the messy that are not so elegant, but give your look a much more relaxed and unique air. Remember that do not necessarily have to go to a salon to do great hairstyle, there are many choices you can get in the comfort of your home.


The great secret of style to be the prettiest girl at a wedding is your attitude. Always show yourself as you are. There is nothing more beautiful in a woman than self-confidence. This strength shows a mile away and that’s what turns into a great woman. The most beautiful in a wedding is not the one with the most extravagant dress, if not that which looks even more than her own outfit.