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Styles of wedding dresses for every body type

A bride with style is one that is very well known herself, and knows how to get the most out of her body when getting dressed. The most important thing when choosing wedding dress is that clears what our body type and the area or areas that we prefer and highlight those that on the contrary we prefer disguise and know how to achieve it.

Here we explain some key to identify in your body type and what is the wedding dress that most favor to you.

Styles of wedding dresses

If your body is triangle type, narrow in the upper part of your body (small bust and narrow shoulders) and your hips and legs are wide. In this case you need to balance your proportions, keeping your hips and legs look fuller and bringing attention to your upper body. We recommend you opt for empire waist dress with semi-loose falling from below the bust area.

It is important to have in account details at the top as pleats with horizontal lines, ruffles, one-shoulder neckline, etc. If you want top look wider chooses a boat neck style. If you have a very small bust one strapless neckline style or a round halter neck will help you.

If your body type is inverted triangle, you are wider at the top and narrow at the bottom. Therefore, you should hide your back and shoulders and accentuate your hips and legs. For this we recommend A line dresses or princess style with details and volume in the lower part of your body.

You can use crinolines, brocades or any details with attention to that area. We recommend using the neckline spaghetti straps or a V-neck halter neckline type, which visually reduce the size of your torso. Avoid styles with boat necks type, strapless or round, having details on the sleeves, crossed straps or pads.

Styles of wedding dresses

If your body is column type, have a balanced ratio between shoulders, chest and hips, but your waist is not well defined, which makes your body look like a straight vertical line. The main objective, you must create the illusion of curves. For this we recommend you use a dress in princess style or A-style, emphasizing details like ruffles at the bottom.

Similarly tries to create curves in the upper part of your body using slope-shouldered necklines and details on the areas of the bust, back and shoulders.

Styles of wedding dresses

If your body is hourglass type, it is characterized by a balance between your hips and your upper torso and a very pronounced waist. You can basically take any design, however we recommend you do emphasize highlight your curves and waist, if you are thin we suggest you opt for the mermaid style that is tight around the torso and even below the hips, or in general any style accentuate your waist.

If you’re being overweight with prominent belly, opt for empire waist style, solid color with simple lines or a vertical pattern. Try to draw attention to another area different from your waist area or abdominal body. For example the bust if it don’t have very large.

If you are of short stature: As for the plump empire cut style is recommendation, avoids any detail or horizontal cut, as this will make you look even shorter. Nor should you dress with many details or fabric with lots of volume, as well as very large as the princess style or too tight as the mermaid style skirts. Make sure that your accessories are simple.