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Summer Looks That Never Go Out Of Style

We all know that trends can be fleeting. You read a magazine, rush to the mall and then find that the outfit you bought looks outdated and awkward within months. It’s always best to stick with styles and pieces that are truly timeless. These designs aren’t as difficult to find as you might think. If you’re looking for ways to up your style game this summer without looking like a fashion-victim, choose one of these timeless summer options.

summer looks

1. Boho-chic styles

Some seasons may embrace the boho trend more than others, but summer is definitely the time to bring out your favourite romantic vintage look. Bohemian style tops with off the shoulder cuts were everywhere this summer, and they’re not going away anytime soon.

Keep yours soft and floaty for ultimate comfort. They’re loose, light, and always pretty.

2. Nautical t-shirts

No matter what the year may be or what season you’re dealing with, there’s something about a nautical striped t-shirt that simply always works. The classic print tends to look great on just about any body type, and the casual but fashion-forward feel of the design means that you can throw this top on anytime without worrying about being on-trend. Wear your striped shirt under dungarees, with a pair of your favourite skinny jeans, or layered under a leather jacket for instant summer cool.

3. Denim jackets

This garment may have reached the height of its popularity in the 80s, but we’ve never really fallen out love with a great denim jacket. You can wear yours cropped or oversized, embellished or classic plain blue, and you’re bound to look stylish. They’re also the perfect summer piece for throwing on once the sun goes down to warm up without ruining your favourite summer outfit.

4. The plain white t-shirt

Like its nautical cousin, the plain white t-shirt simply refuses to go away. The cut is absolutely essential – the right fit can elevate an outfit from sloppy to super-cool in an instant. Play around with styles to find the t-shirt fit that works for you, and keep it crisp and fresh by never washing it with a coloured laundry load. A trip to the beach just wouldn’t be complete without a relaxed and comfortable white t-shirt to throw over your bikini and denim shorts.

5. Braided hair

If you have long hair that tends to build up a sweat once the sun comes out; summer is the perfect time to start experimenting with fun braided hairstyles. These look gorgeous regardless of what trends are currently going around. Use video tutorials online to learn how to try out fun new styles if you’re new to braiding.

6. Sporty white trainers

These are a summer must-have whether you’re planning to hit the gym or go grab a smoothie with friends. The brand doesn’t matter (although a classic pair of Converse All Stars tends to hit all the right notes) as long as they’re crisp, comfortable, and easy to clean. The best thing about these shoes, despite their timeless ability to transcend every trend, is how versatile it is. You can pair your trainers with a floral summer dress or a slouchy set of boyfriend jeans and you know you’ll look on point.