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Sweater: round neck or V-neck, eternal conflict!

There is not just cut or shapes are important for jeans or a shirt. The choice between round neck sweater and V-neck sweater is agonizing. Must therefore afford the round and V for simply appropriating the qualities of both and avoid the faults of one or the other.

round or v neck sweater

The round neck sweater: it’s not cheesy!

According to some cliches, the round neck sweater for men would be more of a certain ages. Wrong! You simply wear it alone or with a round neck t-shirt. In fact, forget the shirt with this model. That encircles your neck and chokes your silhouette. Larger middles take a model with wider round neck.

In the opposite, the smallest men will have the right to the more narrowed neck. It must pull live by himself. To do this, do not hesitate to direct you to bright colors or so models with yoke or elbow. It is necessary to give a breath of youth to this sweater which will accompany you in all your urban, street and casual wear outfits. We would not have thought he had so much potential.

With jeans, converse and a scarf, it switches to a urban sports outfit simple but effective. Changing to a chino, derbies and a blazer and you’re dressed for the restaurant in the evening. Two outfits that your grandfather will not, a priori. So, who said that the round-neck sweater was corny?

V neck sweater: a very fashionable style

The V-neck is currently the most prominent. It is even now the star sweaters. Admittedly it is easier to associate and that immediately gives a certain allure.

Unlike or round neck, the cut will depend on whether or not you wear a t shirt or shirt underneath. When you wear one, it still falls into the same rules: small shoulders/small neck and vice versa.

Always choose basic styles and united in order to select additional parts over worked. Prefer to take a plaid shirt or patterned and plain or nude sweater than the reverse. Why? You do not overload your body and you do not take the risk to deceive you in the direction of stripes for example. As simplify your life!

A trench, not faded jeans and boots in varnished leather and you are with a casual chic outfit appropriate in different situations. The trench is removed and a leather jacket and converse sneakers or Fred Perry and a trendy urban look appears. A simple model for hundreds of combinations that is what allows this sweater.

In this game of pullovers, or round neck or V neck sweater wins because both have their strengths. The end of the story is that you have a place in your wardrobe for these two models. Just remember to choose the right sweater for the right moment. You have all the cards!