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T-shirts with a message

Summer is fast approaching and it is time to see you build a stock of t-shirts you enjoy as soon as it will bring down the shirt. Only the choice is not simple: printed, simple, colorful messages t-shirts: what to choose? Today we will talk about the case of t-shirts messages. We will give you our best advice to wear, especially a small selection of what we prefer.

t-shirts with messages

A good t-shirt with a message, it is many things, but first of all, you need a quality product. Avoid synthetic materials: the t-shirt should be ideally in cotton for the summer, cotton not very thick preferably to let breathe your body. In case you’re wondering the flax issue, be aware that this material is not ideal for prints, serigraphs, in addition to being more expensive than just a t-shirt as you will find in the trade.

Let us pass to the case of the form, now what there is on your T-shirt! It should not be too big and take the whole body, it is not pretty and it abyss proportions (yes, the proportions are important when it comes to your style). Ideally a few words or a short phrase will do for a t-shirt quality. The message, however, must be thin, light, and funny eventually. We will see below all that it must not be and why.

Ask yourself how others see you when they look at your shirt, and it will give you some more tracks to choose well!

Above all, forget the bad material: synthetic especially when it has no place in a product. Note that a few are reasonable and sometimes give the required tissue, but if the T-shirt is composed of more than 50%, it is often that the manufacturer wanted to cut corners. Flee these products. Also prohibited social, political, religious, hidden messages.

We are done for t-shirts with messages, but generally there are a few things that you must remember:

  • Attention to materials you choose, especially for the summer;
  • Avoid political or funny messages without really be;
  • Go for a fun and light message;
  • Did not hesitate to play fun with a simple white t-shirt and a felt.

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