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The 3 suits that you should never use at work

All we love to go to the office with well arranged so everyone to see how good we are or to be noticed the three or four kilos we have lost in the last two months, right? And there are certain sacrifices that we like to look so call us pretty from time to time.

office suits

But for office attire should be appropriate for the job. Whenever you go somewhere you will have to dress according to where you go and the context in which they are going to develop, so it is equally important to know what to wear as it is NOT suitable at all.

Today we want to explain some outfits that should NOT get to go to the office because it could give a misleading picture of you. Let’s see!

Shirtless suits
Although there seems to be a little daring, but better for a casual event to go to work. The shirtless suits are really sexy but I honestly do not think I go on Monday for an important meeting with shirtless suits is the most appropriate.

There are many celebrities who have already tried this style as Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, or Nicole Kidman but as celebrities they are daring can wear clothes because it will help them to get out on the covers of magazines.

Instead people like you and me if we get this suit to the office we will surely be protagonists, but the hallway gossip.

Suits with miniskirt
A suit with a short skirt is not appropriate for the office because it can create some awkward situation if we need to crouch.

And already it is not appropriate not only for the prying eyes, but rather because it can be quite uncomfortable to be away from home more than eight hours and more if you have to move often.

Suits that are too tight or wide
It is important that when you go to buy a suit for the office sure to choose the right size for you so it is not too big or too small. Because in addition to being very anti-esthetic looks of either, it is not practical or comfortable to wear clothing that is not of the proper size.

Although it may seem logical to some women bought smaller sizes to look thinner or larger sizes to cover any aspect of the body that they do not like … and this is definitely a bad decision. Always size must be right!