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The basic male dressing

Like the jeans, there are certain clothes without which a man cannot go. These are the basics. So who are these essential clothing?

basic male dressing

A functional dressing must timeless basic. Why? For these basic – or basics, to more trendy – will be your source of inspiration and your salvation in cases of doubt. Make a list of items that can not leave gentlemen wardrobe. You will find the 5 timeless clothes and someone of their companions there.

The tops
We’ll start with the timeless white shirt. We’ll understand all this time; this piece is for me, the piece which stands in our wardrobes, gentlemen. It will be your escape route in case of doubts in an outfit – with the t-shirt (long sleeves and short sleeves) black and white, blazer and trench.

Your white shirt must be renewed at least every season. It will be added to this selection a V-neck sweater. For colors, white, gray and black are the “non-colors” that will not change. Navy blue and light blue also be grafted. Always think you need that you can go and change your basics for years. A trench and a small leather jacket is added. That is why it does not take things too “trendy”!

The bottom
Unlike the female dressing room, men choice is limited. This is why your basics should be chosen with care and taste. So you will have to reckon with a raw denim jeans or light blue faded not holed. The jeans, the best friend of urban and modern man.

Also add a pants suit (clip) or a dressy pants fabric (sometimes you have to also change its basics) for the dressed side. Must choose your cut and your brand will not waste time upon renewal. Too muscular legs must forget the slim while low waist pants suit for most sporting of us. Why? For this cut can bring out the “small beer belly” that is often mistaken with age. A pair of black derbies and one of converse and your ensemble is complete.

Cocktail fashion
It is nice to have a well made dressing, still need to know the basics to mix them. What is “miraculous” with these basics is that they give you different looks depending on how you combine them.

The shirt might as well be worn with jeans and derbies, but also with the pants and derbies. A V-neck sweater with a trench is added to the first dress and leather jacket for the second.

Removing everything and we remixed: the trench goes with pants, derbies and a colored shirt … all infinitely. And you see, we can (and hopefully) introduce ephemeral pieces. Let you go to the mixture and to associations. The basics will catch up your errors.

Therefore, you are armed with your list of basics that will be part of you. Don’t really not overlook.