Fashion Accessories

The belt: The must current accessories

The belt is the perfect accessory to combine comfort and fashion. However, there are basic rules to consider having at hand the right belt. The first thing to do is buy belts that fit your size. To wear a belt, it is already that we go. To do this, do not hesitate to try it ever.

wear belt

When you try a belt, make sure to leave a small margin. In other words, do not squeeze too tight to risk not being able to breathe. The goal is not to make you uncomfortable, but to be comfortable. To be sure to have the right belt for every outfit, buy more with different patterns. If you do not have enough budgets for shopping belts, prefer one or two classics that will go with any outfit.

There are different ways to wear a belt. The most classical way is the belt at the waist. With shorts, pants or skirt belt loops, this is ideal! Better yet if you have a nice flat belly. If this is the case, always enter your top so can admire your beautiful figure. To the high waist bottom, choose instead a wide belt. This will make a much better effect.

Another way to wear this accessory is to wrap the hip. You can wear it this way with a tunic or dress a little baggy. Thus, you hide the small unpleasant to see curves. Again, continue to build on the large models. For the chicest outfits, wear the belt under the chest. This is even more advisable if you are petite. And for good reason, this tends to lengthen the legs and torso. In the absence of a thin belt in your wardrobe, use a scarf that you establish under the chest.