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The Latest 4 Piercing Trends Started in 2016

With all the rebel fashion influences throughout 2016, we’ve seen body piercing reach new heights. Not only that people are more interested in getting piercings in places they’ve never tried before, but the jewellery has also gotten more diversified and daring. Let’s have a look at the latest big trends – you might feel inspired to give it a try and stand out from the crowd.

piercing trends

Multiple ear edge piercings

This isn’t anything new, but the trendy earrings on the market make it all the more interesting right now. We have the lovely designs that climb up on your exterior ear for a fancy effect, but also the serial piercings using stud earrings.

If you opt for multiple piercings in your ear lobes, you can always go between the two trends. There are countless cool combinations on the Internet to inspire you. You may go as fancy as you like, choosing to adorn yourself with crystals and pearls if that suit your style.

The great thing about multiple ear piercings is that you can tweak your look however you want and you can adopt whichever style – from the feminine and romantic to the bold rebel.

The septum piercing

This highly popular nose piercing is making even more fans these ways thanks to the recent septum piercing jewellery. Forget about the classical ball on a silver ring design and opt for more ornamental shapes. Try golden hues and bigger rings.

In fact, you may actually go for v-shapes, squares, triangles and so on, even star-shaped septum rings or crystal studded ones. Since Madonna herself was seen wearing one, everyone seems a lot more interested in this trend now gone viral.

The diva opted for a huge golden septum ring with a pearl right above the middle of her Cupid’s bow – definitely a statement.

Inside the ear

We’re moving away from the ear lobe, towards your face. You will see a small ridge of cartilage inside your ear pavilion. You can have this ridge pierced – you may start with a simple ring. It’s a new and nice way to ornate your ears and it goes extremely well with any exiting piercings you may have in the area.

In fact, you should try to make the most of every cartilage ridge inside the ear. There are certain ring types that can fill in the space in beautiful ways.

The smiley piercing

This is perhaps the newest and most appealing trend. It’s simply a ring that is attached to the skin bit right behind your upper lip. When you smile, it shows – it’s pretty and unexpected.

Experts claim this is going to be the next major trend. Why not take advantage of it early on? You can choose any kind of ring for that – including the kind with one ball at each end, or with colorful crystals. The smiley piercing is fun and discreet. Here’s an important tip: opt for this only if your dental hygiene is perfect.

There are many online stores that can provide you with hundreds of impressive ideas about piercings and suitable jewellery. If by now you’ve thought that this wouldn’t go well with your style, you may get to change your mind pretty soon. Remember to select only that which makes you comfortable however.