The perfect necklace for each type of neckline

The necklaces allow us to enhance or complement an outfit but also help enhance stylize the neck and face. They are really a great accessory, but you must be careful when combining your garments since the right necklace will depend on the type of neckline of your blouse or dress. Pay attention to these tips for choosing perfect necklace for each type of neckline!

perfect necklace for necline

Strapless neckline
This type of neckline gives the freedom to combine different types of necklaces. From a simple necklace to a choker or a flashy necklace. Ideally always remain on the skin. Consider your skin tone and the pledge to choosing the necklace for your neckline.

The types of deep V neckline or it also look good with different types of necklaces. If you have a large bust is best to choose a long necklace that exceeds the neckline and stylize the body. You can choose a necklace with the same shape of the neckline with stones or any other adornment.

Boat neckline
When choosing a necklace to the boat neckline is best to opt for small, simple necklaces. Does not opt for a too large necklace or recharged in order to achieve the neck look longer and stylized.

High or turtle neckline
The high or turtle neckline gives you the possibility of using long or large necklaces. Choose designs that go in harmony with the style and colors of your clothes. You can choose a subtle original long necklace or choker.

scoop neckline

Scoop neckline
Best necklaces for this type of cleavage are short necklaces that are framed within the line of the neck and on the skin. Chokers or short necklaces are perfect, be encouraged to choose contrasting colors with your clothes and enhance your look.

Square neckline
Like the round neckline, square neckline looks better with short necklaces and chokers that help stylize the neck and look in the area of the skin. Choose colors and designs that suit your personality and style and tone of your skin.

Strapless neckline
Also in the case of strapless neckline it is the best the necklace look as part of the dress on the skin. You can choose a larger measurement that reaches the edge of the garment or a necklace adjusted the neck.