Shoe and Boot

The power of wearing heels

Any woman can transform a simple look at one very sexy and sophisticated using heel, enhance the figure and give elegance.

wearing heels

The heel is a key piece in the clothing of each woman. The poise and elegance of a good pair of heels can be the envy of many. A well-known saying for the girls is the importance of the heel “women lead the clothes, but the shoes lead to the women”.

There are heels of all heights, from the thin and dangerous. The open heel became fashionable Talon Marilyn in the 50s, and wearing the beginner or less advanced. The most common categories are cone heel, pacifier, the needle, wedge, among other great models that define the style of each woman.

One of the most classic heels and pointed in the eighties was the needle, as it is considered the epitome of status, authority and female sex appeal; and also requires that the woman who carries aware of her sex appeal, although no lack of men who from time to time are shimmed this type of shoes.

The wedge heel was, however, an invention of Italian Salvatore Ferragamo during the stage in which the shoe industry suffered the restriction of steel on the occasion of the Second World War. Known Hollywood figures such as Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston and Emma Thompson used this type of heels, which blends well with a modern, feminine look.

Figures like Italian actress Sophia Loren said that buying a pair of shoes is like having a fleeting love affair; i.e., desire, satisfaction, disappointment and pain, all attached to a single afternoon.

All women seek the perfect heels to match the look and also enhance our figure.