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The six immortal garments of the female wardrobe

Garments or cloths are essential for every women. Here I mention six immortal garments of the female wardrobe:


Versatile and off-road, the cowboy pants have become a classic that never goes out of style. With absolute freedom, each season is reinvented and imposes its rules to the tenor and caprice of the designers. As versatile as transgressor and democratic, the “jean”, pledge of “sport” par excellence, today it is very comfortable in both the day and night fashion designs.

immortal garments

Although enjoyed by the majority of society, jeans are reserved right to many offices, as well as receptions, ceremonies and shows that require etiquette. This year these are very wide or skinny, worn, high waist and with a length that reaches just the heel of the booties.

Black Cocktail Dress

With more than 80 years of existence, always elegant cocktail dress is a sure bet for any extraordinary event requiring a minimum of label.

With sleeves or without them, the cocktail dress, thanks to its sober lines, favors to all the women without taking into account neither the age nor the stature. Yesterday and today it is considered as an icon of elegance. This season sweeps designs of lace and volume in the skirt. The more daring can be combined with leggings.

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Jacket suit

In the 80’s, Giorgio Armani made fashion tailor suit to dress, sober and discreet, a professional woman who every day gained more power and prestige at work. In black it is the perfect wild card, since it allows multitude of combinations with hyper-feminine blouses, shirts of masculine cut and t-shirts.

With diplomatic lines, camel, gray or beige color is very versatile for any time of the day. Most stylists recommended customizing this uniform with necklaces, loops and brooches that give a different note.


This masculine label suit designed for nightly events was born in England in the 19th century. Thanks to the audacity and the bearing of actresses like Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, the tuxedo had a certain apogee in the feminine wardrobe.

immortal garments

Since the 1970s, the designer Yves Saint Lauren adapted it for the woman closing the lines and creating curves became a symbol of sophistication, which has often replaced the classic long dress. Today, the tuxedo has been installed with authority in the women’s wardrobe. It has power to impose character and sophistication.

White shirt

With a shirt collar or a lantern sleeve, the white shirt is the perfect companion for any occasion. It combines well, gives light to the face, favors and enhances both gala and casual clothes. Long sleeved and double cuff to be able to put twins, it is always elegant. Its versatility allows for hundreds of combinations ranging from jeans to shorts, to skirts by day and by night.

Sailor Stripe T-Shirt

The everlasting blue or red slips through each season in the cabinet of the women.

immortal garments

Known as “Breton t-shirts,” the fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier also put them on the runway and dared to show off them under his armored jackets. Since then, it is part of his identity seal.

Fun, youthful and flattering, the sailor t-shirts come back every year to prove these are immortal.