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The Top 7 fashion Trends to follow in Winter Wears

Being trendy and stylish in winter is not difficult anymore with a repertoire of stylish winter garments present out there in the market. You can add style to your wardrobe and glam up your look with Italian winter wears – must – haves to infuse the European style in Australian fashion. In fact, you can get seasonal collection of items online which go well not only during winters, but all round the year.

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7 fashion trends to follow while adding style to your wardrobe

Boyfriend jumpers

Definitely, one of the most versatile yet cozy jumpers is the moda boyfriend jumper. It goes well with all and every kind of mood. Unquestionably, regarded as a timeless piece and perfect for women of every age, you can now shop these online and at affordable cost.

Be it a casual lunch date or an evening with your girlies, they are accessible in chunky, creamy shades and look quite cuddly too, making them must-haves for possibly every occasion. These also go so well with a pair of trousers making it a perfect style statement image for your office going days.

Midi Coat

You simply cannot afford to ditch them this season. Adorned wonderfully by practically every model this year, from Kate Moss to Cara Delevingne, you can indulge in either the midi – or maxi – length coat this season.

These toppers will keep you cozy and warm. At the same time, it will elevate the look of your favorite trousers or jeans. They undeniably give you such a modish look and you could even adorn them over a dress.

Ankle Boots

Get the inspiration from the 90’s lace-up boots and rock the streets like never before. The stacked-heel boots gives you quite a tough and rugged look and at the same time adds versatility to your clothes.

Adorn these with tapered pants, your favorite jeans, your cute and lacy chic dresses. Or, you can even team it up with winter tights or shorts, just as we see model Kendall Jenner adorning it bravely these days.

Midi Dress Adds To the Ladylike Feel

Simply because its cold and bone chilling outside, it does not mean you cannot go well with those cute looking midi dresses. You simply cannot ignore the sweet looking midi dresses. They would give you the coverage that you need and at the same time bless you with tons of elegance.

Well Tailored Leather Trousers

You might have a pair or two of those vegan leather trousers or the rocker style ones. You can style them effortlessly with a sweatshirt or a jumper. Rather than dressing out in those dressy tops why not opt for an off-tailored trouser and notice all the attention you get from everyone around! It will look chic, jazzy and quite modish.

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Wide-Brim Hat

From Angelina Jolie to singer Rihanna, we have seen them all beautifully adorning the dramatic wide brimmed hat and they are definitely in this season. Many of them have the chic street fashion style appeal and look so good with a good floral dress or even your jeans.

Black Turtleneck

Whatever the season is the classic black turtleneck does not let one down, ever! It also ends up working wonderfully as a great layering piece. You can wear it under those cropped jacket or simply adorn one inside your boyfriend shirt.