Fashion Tips

6 rules not to cross the thin line between casual and fachosa

Fachosa is an adjective that no woman likes to receive. However, there is a very thin line between casual dress and fachosa look. Learn not to fall into the fickle side of dressing by respecting these 6 simple rules.

casual and fachosa

1. Comfortable, But not in rags

Walking home with the most comfortable clothes is delicious. However, it is not without that at the least expected moment, someone arrives unexpectedly. Wearing those old pants with holes that nobody sees is perfect, just do not do it during the day or when you have to go somewhere. Remember that clothing is your image, it is important to go where it looks presentable.

2. Strip T-Shirts that are damaged, unpainted or with holes

Sometimes it is very easy to leave home in an informal office on Friday with trousers that do not even have color. Toilets, it can be the most comfortable pledge for you, but, please, do not forget that the persons who surround you have eyes. To avoid temptation, throw or leave at home the shirts without color or soiled. By the way, the holes are not anything sexy either, please avoid them.

3. The sporty chic is not at all the same as going in trousers to the office

Seriously: going to the office with trousers combined with any sack or garment that you found in the closet is not sporty chic. The sporty chic is not going to be ready to run in the office, it’s about choosing sports clothes that can pass as fashionable street clothes. It’s very different to go out with those baggy guys who go out with you to run every morning.

4. Makeup, Please

If you’re not going anywhere, do not use makeup. However, if you have the plan to go to make orders, at least uses a little mascara. There is nothing wrong with the washed face. It is the bad combination between old and loose clothes and no makeup what generates the disaster.

5. Do not abuse baggy or shorts

Comfortable but wearing clothes that fit you well. You can use your boyfriend’s old shirts to sleep, avoid at all costs abusing clothes too loose. Huge clothes do not suit anyone. Also avoid those blouses that you do not have left.

6. Be careful with your favorite clothes

We all have those pants, the skirt or the dress that has been with us for years. As much as you like it and be a casual garment, there will come a time when that garment will have to go to the memory drawer or, in the trash.