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Tips for being a chic mom

Need a comfortable clothing, but stylish; easy combination clothes that allow you to move. Here are some of them: casual pants, maxi skirts or A type style, jeans in lightweight fabrics, a large bag (toe style) and a pair of sunglasses, the aviator style most favored types of face and make you look casual and chic. Other garments are simple dresses, cardigans and blazers will also make you look more sophisticated, use them and proves that a mom can also be modern and elegant.

chic mom style

There are simple details that you can look to be a chic mom. For example, instead of taking the kids to school with sports clothes, you can wear a dark jean with a cute white shirt buttons, comfortable ballerina shoes and a medium size bag. This outfit will make you look comfortable but sophisticated, you can also add some modern accessories to see more glamorous: a flashy earrings, bracelets, necklaces or scarves.

The makeup is also an ally when it comes to make you look more sophisticated, recommendation is to wear makeup in a classic style (light foundation, loose or pressed powder, blush, mascara and outlined eyes fine).

Nice hairstyle can also refresh your look, bet by a hair or smooth with soft waves, the curlers and hair irons and a good heat shield can give you the task of having a perfect hair without having to go to the salon. Ponytails are also very chic and until the spring onions or bum are good allies when your hair is not as presentable as you like; dirty and disheveled hair is forbidden for a chic mom. What matters is that you always see sophisticated and modern.

Another very important detail is to keep your hands and feet arranged, short and painted nails are vital to see chic. No need to use bold colors and designs a nail polish in a pastel tone is flawless and discreet and you can apply yourself without having to get a manicure or pedicure. Even if you don’t have time to organize, you can choose to cut and file them at the same level and apply a shine so that they are not dry.

If you consider these details and include them in your daily outfits will see as you go progressively improving your appearance and move to being a mother that it complies with its responsibilities and that also looks beautiful and chic at all times. Remember that the key is in the accessories; do not diminish its importance.

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