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Tips for using neon colors

Surely you’ve noticed that neon colors are as of today and this is because no matter the time of year, or the color of your skin, neon colors are always ready to be combined at any time of year and occasion, the proof is that we can see them in clothes and accessories, the great advantage of these colors is that it will vibrate your outfit.

using neon colors

Learn to combine

It’s the first thing you must learn to use these colors, the colors that can combine to perfection are the black, white, gray, beige, khaki, because these are neutral colors that contrast with the neon or fluorine to perfection.

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Less is more

On this occasion the rule less is more is essential, neon colors are strong and vibrant, so it is appropriate to use them in smaller quantities, should avoid dressing completely with these colors.


Accessories are essential in any outfit, and in this case the bags are perfect to wear these colors ally, even if you think that does not match, it’s a good way to give dynamism and vitality to your look, especially when you wear serious colors.


If what you want is to highlight a part of your body, a neon garment is the best option, use neutral colors and highlights your attributes, or if you want to otherwise avoid using these items in the parts of your body you want to hide.


If you want to use makeup in shades of neon ensures that your clothes are of neutral colors, so your makeup will be the main attraction, focus on combine only just a neon color and not abuse, do not use pink, orange and green, using only one and blend alone or combine it with neutral colors or use it on your nails will be look sensational!

Mix and match

This rule of combining belt, shoes and bag does not apply to these colors, try to be only one of the three, remember that the fluorescent colors are very vibrant and bold, and ideally take only a garment or accessory look excellent.

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One of the best ways to use these colors and the hot weather, are the shorts, it is a simple piece, there are designs and look great for a casual day, highlight your legs and give a funny touch to your look.

Skirts and dresses

Smooth or textured skirts will give you a fabulous touch, or you can now find dresses in neon colors that look your figure and get all eyes, you can use gold color accessories, it will give an elegant touch to your outfit.

Now you know the best tips for using these colors, which are certainly what today, will make you look sexy and fun, dare to use and create your own combinations.

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