Tips for wearing Peplum blouses according to your body type

If you want your outfit to enhance your curves, accent your waist and make you look super feminine and sensual, then what you are looking for is a blouse with peplum cut. While these types of blouses are good for all types of women, it is necessary that you take some considerations regarding your body type.

wearing peplum blouses

So you know what type of peplum benefits you much more.

The hourglass bodies have shoulders and aligned hip, in addition to a much defined waist. If this is your case then you are lucky because you can use all kinds of peplum. If you want to emphasize even more your waist uses those of a single color, without prints. But we encourage you to try all of them.

Your shoulders and hip are aligned but your waistline is not defined. If this is the case then the peplum came to save your whole life because you will create waist where there is not. Choose those that are very broad in the area of the hips, so your waist will appear smaller. Try to combine them with pencil skirts or wear peplum fitted dresses. This will give you more balance and definition to your figure.

These types of bodies are characterized by absence of waist and a prominent belly. If it is your case you need peplum garments that are very defined at the waist, even you can add a belt in the area to define it even more. Avoid prints and thick fabrics. Use heels to further stylize your figure, stay away from the flats or you will look wider.

Narrow shoulders and broad hip. If you have this type of body prevents the peplum have the flops to the sides, use them in the back or front, choose the prints as you should seek to bring attention to the upper part of your body.

Inverted triangle
Wide shoulders and narrow hips. If this is your case try to make the flown are prominent, in bright colors, textures, patterns, in light tones. Unlike the normal triangle, you should seek to highlight the lower part of the body.