Fashion Tips

Tips to dress better and highlight your figure

Whenever it is a question of the fashion and the body, many women tend to have certain insecurities that lead them to dress to hide under the clothes, without enjoying for anything from what we bring position or how we believe that we meet.

highlight your figure

However, there are certain tips that can help us to dress better and highlight our figure or those parts of our body that are worth noting.

Yes to colors. Not the total black. It is a myth that black slims, on the contrary, poorly used until we get older after a certain age. A good combination of colors on an excellent cut, manages to stylize the figure and highlight the best attributes of a large-waisted women.

Yes to jeans. Stretch or canvas, jean makes us “belong” to fashion these days. Why deny it? Of course, it is essential the cut and fit. Not the man jean or shapeless bags from the waist. With a good fit on hips and butt and good details like pockets, zippers, fittings and embroidery, we will manage to rejuvenate and stylize the figure.

Yes to wear long skirts with excellent fall and movement, such as silks, chiffons, modal, with irregular hemlines, overlapping peaks and cloths. But do not exaggerate! That does not reach the floor. Between ten and twenty centimeters above the ankle will make them more stylized.

No to the low shot. We will only achieve widen the hips and show “rolls” in addition to turning out to be square and low. Use an intermediate – range shot to insinuate the waist. This lengthens the legs, and consequently refines and stylized, both for the chubby high to the lowest.

Feel beautiful. The most important thing is attitude. Before leaving, go in the mirror and feel wonderful. Without doubt dress well and feel good will make you look gorgeous.