Fashion Tips

Tips to hide those extra pounds

Girls, pay attention to these fashion tips, which are very useful to dress well and to turn out to be much better. And incidentally hide those extra pounds…

hide extra pounds

Vertical lines
If you wear clothes with vertical stripes that will make you look taller and thinner.

Avoids large garments
Many curvy women tend to wear dresses and blouses that are too large for them. These do nothing to seem bigger than really you are and also attract the attention to the areas that you want to hide. Instead, opt for clothes that fit you well and suit your curves.

V-neck blouses and bags
Design of V-neck blouses or sweaters creates the illusion of a longer neck and works very well with your body type. Feel free to keep your neck line open with this type of clothing so that you can highlight your beautiful face. The bags are also great items that can give a good shape to your curvaceous silhouette.

Long skirts cut in A shape
Long skirts that are less wide will make you look slimmer and taller. The best skirt cut for a plus-size woman is cut in A.

Use straight cut jeans or custom designed pants
The straight boot pants gives your body a continuous line, making you looks like taller and slimmer. If you feel your hips are too big, straight cut jeans are a great choice. It falls from waist to ankle. Choose a fabric that is a little elastic to be very comfortable and fits well to your body type. Try using basic neutral colors like black, brown, gray, dark green or dark blue. It is best to avoid bright colors and bold patterns.

The leggings are very comfortable and popular. Some black leggings combined with a fabulous gown that fits you well, is also a great option for a more elegant look.

The selection of the right accessories is as important as the rest of your outfit. Pay attention to choosing your shoes, bags and accessories. Wearing shoes with heels is obviously a wonderful trick to optically lengthen your body. An intelligent choice may be a belt as it acts to give great hourglass shaped figure.