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Tips to use high heels in vibrant colors

Usually colorful or vibrant heels can be seen mostly in spring and summer, while in autumn and winter collections, dark or neutral colors are chosen. However, the trend of colorful footwear has no seasons and can use it in any occasion.

colorful heels

Pay attention to these tips to help you create fabulous outfits with colorful heels!

Combine with minimalist outfits

The best way to wear a colorful and vibrant heel is with a minimalist outfit, i.e. simple and neutral colors; a black jumpsuit, a white dress or a total look in a neutral color like navy blue. Thus, the intensity of the shoes is highlighted and become the protagonists.

If you combine a black monkey with red high heel shoes, you’ll have a stylish, modern and fabulous look for a date or a special occasion.

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Pair with basic looks

You can also use a vibrant color heel to give life to a basic casual look. Just wear black pants with a blouse or white or gray shirt and add colorful heels to give original touch.

You can add a bag or clutch to match, but if you want to look good with shoes it is preferable to opt for neutral tones for the bag. The vibrant heels are perfect to give it a trendy touch to simple looks.

Pair with denim

The vibrant colors look great with denim. From a jacket to a shirt or a pair of jeans, do not forget to add it to your looks. You can use a jean with neutral blouse or a patterned shirt and colorful stiletto heel for an appointment.

You can also opt for a jean jacket with a white dress and fuchsia heels for a feminine and romantic look.

Bold look: combine with colorful clothes

While Vibrant heels look best with simple clothes in neutral colors are also a good choice for colorful clothes. Its can be bold and encourage you to wear a polka dots or stripes dress in shades of blue and red and add a pair of heels in green.

Although it is safer to choose to combine a smooth piece in a bright color like purple that looks great with green, blue, fuchsia or orange.

Combine with patterned

The prints are another great option to incorporate a vibrant look with shoes. For an elegant look combines animal print pencil skirt with a white shirt and red stilettos heels.

For a bold, modern look, combining a patterned skirt or trousers and mixing colors and textures.

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Combine with metallic

Metallics are a great fashion trend that looks great with vibrant colors. From a silver dress up to a skirt or shorts. Silver is a super versatile color that can play with different funny colors of heels.

The key to using some vibrant heels, combine clothes well and think about the occasion for which you want to show off. Cheer up, have fun and make fun and innovative looks using original colors.

Remember that if you combine it with neutral and plain clothes tend secured a great look!