Tips to wear long skirt even if you are petite

Of the fashion which you accommodated, say many. And just for that here the fashion tips that you need to make those long skirts that “say” must not use because it feel you look shorter, yes you accommodate. That is to say, so that you wear long skirt even if you’re short.

wear long skirt

A long pencil skirt will greatly benefit

The trick with this kind of skirt is that you find your exact size. Do not worry much if the store does not suit you at all, but it is preferable to you about so you can take it to the tailor and fits correctly. You have to worry especially because it will fit on the side of the waist and hips without that end up being too tight.

In the case of this skirt what we advise is to seek that the waist is a little above your real waist and better yet, to use a belt. It will lengthen you and stylize.

The vertical lines in your skirt are suitable

Another good trick to elongate the figure is wearing a skirt with printed vertical lines or pleated (so fashionable now). You have no idea with what it can help you.

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High heels are essential

If there is something clear the fact is that to take a few good heels stylizes the figure. It must be our greatest allies. Searches which are not very wide, perhaps some rooms or peep toes are the perfect choice. And when you wear your skirt, never put flat shoes.

The proper upper garment

If want to lengthen the figure not bet by upper garments that pass of the skirt, the best is a sweater, blouse or shirt that is stuck by inside and that can decorate with a belt. The higher the waist and adjusted the belt, will seem higher. A cropped top is also option if you through, especially when you feel hot.