Fashion Tips

Tricks to look higher with clothing that you did not know

Would you like to be able to look in the mirror and look higher than you really are? Are you one of the women who always wears heels to be higher but then your feet suffer the consequences?

tricks to look higher

It is not necessary to put high heels every day since you can wear in such a way that you can be more slender and stylized.

Your clothing will enhance not only your strengths, but you can also see much more attractive. Want to know some tricks to look taller in your clothes? Estate careful!

Monochromatic colors
Surely the trick star to look taller is to use the same color or similar shades of one color in your clothes so you’ll be creating a visual effect in which your figure will be stylized.

Also, if you go for dark colors like dark brown, black, gray or navy blue, etc. you get further enhance this effect. If you like bright colors or combine them, do not worry because you can reserve this dress for special occasions.

Say no to loose clothing, yes to the adjusted
The wide or too much volume, in addition to not look taller, clothing will make you look even more short, wider and curvy that you might not have. We advise you to bet on those garments that adjust to your body (but without over-tightening as to which you are missing the air).

You should see if the tight clothing that you wear looks well on you because if you see that you have horrible better focus on clothes that you are tight but somewhat loose. Strike a balance to be comfortable and also to dress well so that you promote all your attraction.

Say Yes to the vertical stripes
The vertical stripes have always been well received to appear higher than it actually is. Much thinner stripes are the better.

However you must discard the horizontal stripes, since you will get the opposite effect which is widen your figure and seem shorter.

High shoes, but comfortable!
The footwear is also very important but you must also be comfortable to move naturally, uses shoes with a little inch heel but without busting. If it is a heel which is integrated low-heeled shoe will be even better.